This is a letter I received. It was from the director whose production of Godspell I had been performing in. The words that graced the page touched my soul, the words are so true and so full of beauty.. yet don't do justice to the message they are trying to convey. Whenever I go back and read this, my hearts jumps for the joy it once felt, yet aches a tiny bit because that wonderful time is no longer.

March 24, 1994

Dear Victoria,

In all the sound and fury of striking the set, paying the bills, returning all of the equipment, and beginning on new paths, we haven't really had time to sit back and reflect on how many ways our lives have changed.

Godspell is about many things on many levels, but most of all it concerns love. When we spent two weeks together, working all day and most of the night, learning and forgetting lines, trying on costumes, laughing and crying, kissing and shouting, dancing and napping, living and growing -- when we spent those two weeks together, we came to love one another.

"Come sing about love", beckons the song, and so we did. There on stage, under fifty thousand watts of light, we paraded our love for all the world to see and learn from our example.

Now we miss one another and we miss that special time together. We will never have that moment back and we mourn it. We have to know however, we have to know in our hearts that love conquers all, that love unites people in powerful ways. None of us will ever forget Godspell, or our time together, or the joy we felt as we worked together, or how our special friends made us glad to be alive.

We have that love forever, and we have its example. We must move ahead with out lives, holding dear to our friends as we make new ones, and remembering our great work together as we begin new projects. And we must always walk in the world with the sure and certain knowledge that we are special and we are gifted and we are blessed and we are loved.

We have learned our lessons well indeed.

- Dona Ainsley

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