The punchline for a famous joke that points out that perspective is important.

A shot rang out, knocking the Lone Ranger's hat from his head.
"Things not looking too good, Kemosabe," said Tonto.
"I'll say. We're in trouble," said the Lone Ranger. "Tonto -- we're surrounded by Indians!"
"What you mean "we", White Man?"

As one can see, the Lone Ranger is concerned that he is surrounded by hostile Native Americans, forgetting that there's one sitting right next to him. Doing a bit of analysis, it's interesting that the Lone Ranger considers Tonto to not be a hostile redskin. Tonto, on the other hand, knows that, while he is with the white man, he is still a Native American. He does not "forget" his own heritage.

Perspective, in this case, can point out interesting cultural differences. Not bad for a silly joke.

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