"Another day, and another cry; remember: Shoot or die..."

I woke up too late, but there probably wasn't anything in the lectures not hard for me to understand...

BTW: Cool pic, moJoe. =)


Again in BatMUD...

Your equipment:
Neck: A necklace of shoes
Wielded in right paw: Oracian Broadsword
Wielded in left paw: A tiny axe
Finger: A highsteel ring
Both legs: Steel leggings
Both feet: Copper boots

I hope this dress doesn't make me look fat...

Crazy messages of the day:

A dismembered corpse of Fluffy bunny is not edible.
A skeleton shouts 'I butchered Raptor for breakfast, who's up for dinner?'
The maggots trample the corpse.
Grinning diabolically Horde sticks you making an artery explode.
You flee in terror!
You yawn alarmedly.

Really weird stuff. I wish I'll soon see the "...slain the cute and defenseless bambi" message soon, that's a true classic! =)


Listening to "Zombie" by The Cranberries. First song I've got from OpenNap networks - I installed gnapster this morning and threw the text client I had been using overboard...

Cool song - I was in high school when this was a Big Hit In Radio. Ahhh, the trip to south when I bought my first M:tG deck... =) Got to get more of this stuff on CD some day...


::WWWWolf points at the Kuro5hin page that reads 00:01:17...::

Our Savior shall return! The Armageddon is here! The Big battle between the Heaven and Hell shall commence!


Yeah, like I said.

TCP connection to 'www.kuro5hin.org' failed: Broken pipe.



Yeah, Kuro5hin is back!

No, Netscape has lost my cookie. AND I had to mail my password. AND I can't ssh to the university box that has my mail. Suspecting a version incompatibility. Installing new version of ssh. Well, that involved apt-get update, which involves getting list from three servers, arrrrrgh...


No, no K5 mail reply yet. In fact, looks like K5 got slashdotted... =(



nighthowl:~$ psql wwwwolf
Welcome to psql, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal.

Type:  \copyright for distribution terms
       \h for help with SQL commands
       \? for help on internal slash commands
       \g or terminate with semicolon to execute query
       \q to quit

wwwwolf=# \d
        List of relations
     Name      | Type  |  Owner  
 furryt        | table | wwwwolf
 kokeilu       | table | wwwwolf
 pelit         | table | wwwwolf
 pienoismallit | table | wwwwolf
 quakeservers  | table | wwwwolf
 tmp_pg_shadow | table | wwwwolf
(6 rows)


Back in action! =) A sfnet.atk.linux reader was kind enough to provide me a 6.5 psql binary so I could dump the old database. PostgreSQL "├╝bercool" 7.0, here I am!

Korro5ion is still down, though. =(

Other day logs o' mine...

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