Not much sleep.. The bending, exhausting experience of adjustment, don't think It will last much longer though, and it's not like I'm wishing it were otherwise. A little recap? Ok.

June 21: Leave home for Boston around 6:30 pm, travel to just past NJ. Stop at 12:00 in motel. Decent, but nothing worth filling brain cells in remembering.
June 22: Arrive in Boston, more specifically Cambridge. Activities don't start until Saturday, June 24, 2000. Do fun stuff around City. Be Happy.
June 23: Move to hotel on Harvard square. Much better location, right on the corner of Eliot Street and Brattle Street. Friday night in Harvard Square kicks ass. Open the window to the hotel room, and I now have live music in my room. go down and mill about for a bit. Feed your local street musicians.
June 24: Opening weekend. Navigate the seas of people and bureaucracy. Quire the following items. Student ID Card, Informational literature, room key, Linen, Co-op Membership, Crimson Cash, Text books, Supplies. Lock to suite is jammed and no keys work, it's been propped open with tissue paper. I have choosen to accept the mission of summoning someone ho can fix this situation. I am rebounded from one side of campus to the other like a ping-pong ball, being told "Oh, you need to go talk to..." Eventually, I summon a maintance person from the basement of Weld hall. He cleans out lock, works fine now. One small snafu. Activate computer account, and aquire materials needed to hook into netowork. One short trip to CompUSA on Mass Ave to get CAT 5 cable I forogt before. Setup computer, install NIC, and request connection authorization. I Receive a connection about 10 pm that night. Whoo hoo! Roomates are nice people. Around 1 am or so go to bed. Drastic change in ambient lighting and noise make sleep difficult. Not to worry, as i've done this before, since I've got little sleep, well next night. I will adjust quickly.
June 25: Yawn. Get up around 7 am. Check morning email, cartoons, news, ect. Then head for starbucks to get a grande mocha. Sweet glorious caffeine. Dorms are surprisingly nice, sporting good natural lighting and spiffy hardwood floors. Keep your eyes peeled for a postcard node sometime soon.