I had a really strange dream.

I was in this post-war version of a major city. There was some small scale fighting going on. I had a small semi-automatic. perhaps a Glock 17 or something to that effect. I ran about in the rubble with my brother, and just generally trying to survive‚ when I bumped into a guy I know. I have no idea who he was, just that I know him.

He had this little refuge/shelter, made from the rubble and we were invited in. Then some soldiers began running around outside, and I peeped out through a blanket he'd put up. Unfortunately, I messed up, and all hell broke loose. I think I dropped the blanket.

I come to myself at home, without the gun. I find my brother in the kitchen & asks him if he's seen the gun. He lies and says he hasn't (for some reason, I know he stole it). Then the guests arrive. Apparently, we invited them to a party here. They're all bringing guns and stuff, and they're all younger than me. I ask one of them if I can have their gun, and the wiseguy hands me his super soaker. That kinda pissed me off, so I go "Haw haw, you idiot" and throw it away.

Now the party is at a disco or pub or someplace, and I go to have a drink at the bar, only to realize I know the chick who's serving. I don't recall who she is, maybe someone from my grade school. She's kinda hot and I chat a bit with her. Apparenly, her shift ends, cause we walk over to a couch in the corner.

I'm pretty drunk at this point, when she asks me to take off my sweater, cause it -get this- smells like semen. I go "what?!", and am kinda reluctant to take it off, cause I didn't shower and I smell like sweat (not so strange considering I've been running around in guerilla warfare). I take if off, though, and then we talk a bit. I've never been good at knowing if a girl wants to smooch, so I misjudge (fuck!) and it's all awkward.

Then I wake up.

To quote a friend of mine, "... uh huh. I vunder vot Zigmund Frrrrreud vould haff to say about zat, hmm? Tell me more about your mudder?"