Have you coloured your hair and did it a bit wilder than most? Why?

Here's me:
Last year a friend and I had our hair bleached and dyed blue. He has shoulder length brown hair and had it all done, I have fairly short and straight, black mid-parted hair and had two blue streaks put in on either side, just above the temples. It took us something like 4 hours to get our hair bleached, and the hair was pretty thin and felt weird afterward. I just thought it would look kewl, and I think it did. Unfortunately, the dye washed out pretty quickly and left two bleached streaks that went blue -> silvery blue -> green -> yellow -> dirty yellow -> umm, cleaner yellow. I wasn't disappointed though, it looked kewl through the whole experience and even the wisps that remain do. Its all but grown out now though. Oh, and yeah.. you get a few stares now and then.

My friend's reasons were because he's been an anime fan for years and therefore he's always wanted kewl anime-style blue hair.

Let's hear your reasons/experiences so others intending to pursue this journey may learn. B)

I just got really tired of my natural dull brown hair. It's that type of brown that is really remarkable because it is so incredibly unremarkable.

Once upon a time, back when I first wrote this writeup, I was coloring my hair at home. Just using the stuff at the store - primarily the Feria line, with the color Chocolate Cherry. It started off with a purplish tint to it that faded quickly, to a deep brownish red.

Later on, I started getting it done at the salon. I ended up with a honey red, which looked nice, and there were usually some simple blond highlights in it. I liked it, but eventually got tired of it too, after a year plus of it.

Well, after that, I finally got up the nerve to do something I had been wanting to do for a while, but was afraid to. I knew it would be fine where I work, and when I saw someone else with something similar, that's when I knew it was safe.

So I found a place that did it, and made my appointment. A week later, I went from nice honey red to black with purple streaks. Quite the change.

I've since found that Special Effects hair color is quite addictive in a way. I'm not planning on keeping any color for a long time, but instead to play with the colors, see what can be done.

Why? Because it's really fun. It attracts attention, which I'm oddly finding rather enjoyable. It looks really amazing. And because I can.

For 19 years I had long brown hair. I didn't dye it or even use mousse. Then one day I bleached it and dyed it blue (turquoise, really), as the price for permission to dye my friend's hair orange. It was fun. People stared at it. Random people came up to me on the street and started talking at me. ("Have you ever seen the movie the boy with green hair? (this was after it started to fade - blue dyes are the fastest to fade) it was about war, or something. do you like war?" "Um..") Best fun was seeing stodgy old mutual fund reps (I work at the head office of a canadian securities dealership) do a triple take when they walked in to drop off business to be processed.

It was also a heartwarming look at how nice my co-workers and boss are - the industry I'm in is 90% male and everyone dresses to the nines and all the women wear ten layers of makeup and high heels and on and on.. except in my office. I timidly asked permission before we went ahead with the dying, and my manager was all "Sounds fine, I'll just doublecheck with the president-- no! I'm not even going to ask him! I wouldn't care if you shaved your head! When you take away freedom of expression, you have a fucked up society!" cool. cooool. The president, as it turned out, totally loved my hair, especially when it faded to the same green as our corporate logo. Hee.

Right now, my hair is red. Not the red that 30something secretaries dye their hair to look sassy, but the colour of the neon red crayon in a package of crayola neon colours. With a bit of a purple stripe where I couldn't get all the blue out. It almost makes me look like I'm not anaemic. Almost.

The whole experience has given me insight in to something I've never understood - why do people wear makeup, or have piercings, or get a tattoo? (some religious reasons aside..) Because it's fun. The body is a playground.

And hey, it's only hair.
Blue. Had to be primary blue.
Because I am an anime fan.
Because I have blue eyes.
Because I like blue.
Because everyone does their hair red.

Of course, since it was dark blond before, I had to bleach it -- but the effect is great. If I could have an injection or get my DNA modified to make my hair blue I would. The only pisser would be that here in Cambridge you might as well walk around with your dick hanging out for the kind of reaction you get from a lot of normal people. The upshot, people talk to you about it, and it gets a reaction from cute girls, that is the kind of girl I find cute...

It's also kinda cool shedding blue hair about the place...

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