Have you coloured your hair and did it a bit wilder than most? Why?

Here's me:
Last year a friend and I had our hair bleached and dyed blue. He has shoulder length brown hair and had it all done, I have fairly short and straight, black mid-parted hair and had two blue streaks put in on either side, just above the temples. It took us something like 4 hours to get our hair bleached, and the hair was pretty thin and felt weird afterward. I just thought it would look kewl, and I think it did. Unfortunately, the dye washed out pretty quickly and left two bleached streaks that went blue -> silvery blue -> green -> yellow -> dirty yellow -> umm, cleaner yellow. I wasn't disappointed though, it looked kewl through the whole experience and even the wisps that remain do. Its all but grown out now though. Oh, and yeah.. you get a few stares now and then.

My friend's reasons were because he's been an anime fan for years and therefore he's always wanted kewl anime-style blue hair.

Let's hear your reasons/experiences so others intending to pursue this journey may learn. B)