Sometimes, a new aquaintance will ask me about my eyes. I ask them:
Are you sure they're blue?
They look again, and start to waffle.
How did your eyes just turn grey?
That's one of the things I love about eyes., I say.
Wait until you catch me mad. The green will kill you.

Sometimes, a distant relative will say:
'Sara, I do believe you're the only one in your family with blue eyes, right?
I gently point out to them that they just used my sister's name instead of mine.
Think a little, Uncle Howie.
Of course I can always start on the genetics: Blue is a recessive gene, blah blah blah, and
Anyway, Mom's got blue eyes, remember?

I think I'm going to start telling people that they're brown, and I'm just wearing tinted lenses. I wonder how that will go over.

Bright blue eyes between my legs. Huge, bright blue eyes, rimmed dark with lack of sleep because we have been at this too long, but we are enraptured and we do not stop. Blue eyes on a soft white face through blond hair, looking up over mound and hips, gazing and never releasing until I release.

And fuck I release.

Your eyes never once left my face. I shied away from them at first but then took them on full and just let go. Bright blue eyes peering up from under my body in a fine mist of this sweat and this want and this going.

I remember the way you moved your fingertips over my lips in a strange sense of wonder. After. Or maybe before. I was just amazed that it wasn't the other way around.

With others, I always did the touching.

I fell over little features, let my nails graze the flesh and just trace and trace and trace in the wonder that this person could exist. I just tried to learn the subtleties of loveliness from the details of individual motions on a body.

And you did this time. You wrapped yourself around and cradled my head like it had weight and then played with my features in a way of finding them out and of marveling at noses.

You traced the upper bow of the lip with your hands.

You did not let go.

You kissed long after we'd both lost the energy.

Eyes that won't let go.

This is the glowing dancing that is thinking someone else feels like this too.

You were naked but it didn't feel it, though I'd only known you three days and people have felt more naked after I've known them already for years before I take off their clothes.

I wonder where you are now.

I wonder what those blue eyes are gazing at below.

The strangest things about blue eyes, is discovering mother culture never actually told us Where the colour arose from. Instinctively most people would point to some kind of localized pigment, and it is commonly recited in high school biology classrooms that blue eyes are the result of the expression of a recessive gene for eye color. Yet how does such a colour arise from melanin, - in a pigment system that varies along a gradient of earthy tones; coal-tar black to canine yellow? A complete lack of pigment would produce pink irises, as seen in the albino eyes of lab rats and shampoo test pilots. The festive rosey colour, marks naked haemoglobin's flow through the iris's translucent vessels.

In reality, blue eyes do owe their allure to pigment, but not to blue pigment. Like the perceived colours of the sky and ocean, the blue of the iris is created in a similar fashion - white light travels back from the iris, reflected and refracted though the intervening layers, and scattered, so only the shorter higher energy end of the spectrum reaches the beholder, Hence giving the impression that the light comes from a blue surface. The actual iris pigment generating this is white.

This underlying secondary white pigment influences the intersecting colour gradient from green to hazel, pulling oceanic colours out of an otherwise earthy pigment system. The sky is drawn through senecing leaves as more melanin leaks into the iris over the white undercoat. Its also interesting to note melanin's delayed accumulation post birth, so existing in low quanities in neonates, and in the whelping eyes of mammals like puppies and kittens, the white pigment produces that 'oooohh' of baby blue.

Blue and green.
Green and blue.
Green is all she can see, and she soars.
Blue fills his eyes, and he melts.
People smile all around the room. They know what is going on. They’ve seen stuff like this before. Love. Those two, they are both so perfect for each other.
Blue breaks from green. It looks around the room, while green tries to capture it again. Just to have that feeling flow throughout it once more.
Blue meets green again, and sparkles with joy.
Green is relieved, and explodes with blue’s loving look.
Blue and green.
Green and blue.

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