Green hair is definitely a good thing, especially on girls. But it has to be dark green.. the yellowish highlighter green just doesnt do anything for me. Long dark green hair is awesome when it's flowing in the wind or out a car window. Also, although hair color seems to be 'in' again, it doesnt seem that good dark green hair is utilized enough. Short, green-haired, punk-rock girls makes me all fluttery inside.

if you're planning on dying your hair green, make sure you use Special FX, not Manic Panic or punky colors. Manic Panic washes out really fast and punky colors just sucks. Oh yeah, and dont forget to bleach it good and light before you dye it.

Yes. Dark green hair is good. It is also acceptable to use Raw Color hair dye in "Georgeous Green", although I suggest adding a bit of dark blue to tone down the "highlighter" effect.

If you dye it properly you can sometimes get an effect similar to that of growing grass, with very dark tips, going slightly lighter (and a bit brassier) at the roots, this works especially well if you have naturally dark hair and don't want to bleach too often (about once a month is enough for me thanks) because the hair that grows in just looks like it ought to be there.

I would like to warn people of the fact that green hair brings out the pink in your skin and makes reds sometimes look a little odd. You're probably going to have to find a new lipstick (bubble gum pinks are good, orange reds are not) and possiably change your foundation or concealer.


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