It's kind of funny that of all the people making writeups here, no one means this literally.

I did love my roommate, my past roommate. I still love her, although she isn't my roommate anymore. I was starting to love her before she moved in, really, but what could i do? My old roommate (technically an apartment-mate i guess, cuz he had a seperate room) had just left in an explosive drama fest, and I was left with an empty room I couldn't afford. At the same time, her lease was running out. It was a convenient arrangement, but doomed to failure. I think my other roommate knew this, but as the situation was somewhat immediate, he let it slide.

I couldn't believe that I had found a girl that awesome. She was so like me.. and on top of that, she had green hair - how can you compete with that? Asian, green hair, punk rock, computer nerd, plant nerd, basically, a girl i HAD to fall for, whether I wanted to or not. Looking back, I really don't know how I thought I'd keep it platonic. But there were other barriers to us getting together.

It never really was a normal situation. A big bean bag got left in my room and she'd usually fall asleep there, not in her room. Sometimes I'd let my hand flop down, so she could grab onto it while she was 'asleep'. Then one day I got drunk, really drunk, and ended up spooning with her in the park. I was drunk, so I didn't think much of it at first.. later i realized she was completely sober at the time. After that, we agreed it would be just too weird to live together anymore. My other roommate was kinda mad, which he had excuse to be, because i promised 'i won't do anything with her'. We have a new roommate here, but he's never here and she's still always at my place, so i guess stuff hasnt changed.

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