And its not funny anymore.

My cat sleeps in my room ... except when she needs to go out in the middle of the night to find water or some other important thing, like a twist-tie she left under the pool table.

To get my attention to tell me that she needs to go out, she usually stands on my head. Or near it, and meows. To get back in the room she either pathetically claws at the door with her declawed front feet (I didn't do it, I got her second-hand), or she just meows.

Last night, after going in and out of the room about seven times, she needed to go out once again. I heard a meow at the door signaling me to sleepily walk to to door and open it. When I opened it, rather than come quietly inside like she has done thousands of times, she looked up at me, meowed, then ran down the hallway.

My cat ding dong ditched me.

Pissed off I went back to sleep. About 15 minutes later -- just enough time to get back to sleep with the rising sun in my eyes, she meowed at the door again. Once again, when I opened the door, she looked up, meowed, and bolted away from me. I was so annoyed, I thought of chasing her down and throwing her out the back door to fight the big evil world alone with just her back claws.

But I decided against it.

I guess a cat with enough personality to ding dong ditch their human is worth keeping around.

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