You can troll for numbers, or you can Troll for the Ages.

If you troll for numbers, you will never appear on the list of Everything's Best Users, and your best trolls will eventually be voted down or killed by The Administration. At the end of time, when the roll is called up yonder, you may be remembered as a troll who cared only for the disturbances you can cause and not for the true confusion of others.

A proper troll will sound intelligent at first. But will be designed to draw opposing viewpoints with its flawed logic. An improper troll will quickly be deleted by the editors, (defeating the whole purpose of the troll). A proper troll should have a title like, "Everything2 is Becoming a Little More Communist Everyday", while an improper troll would have a title like, "Everything2 is just a bunch of god damn wankers". When trolling it isn't what you say, its how you say it.

If you Troll for the Ages, you have a better chance of getting Cool Nodes, and your reputation as an Everything Troll will grow. Someday, future generations will look upon your trolls with wonder, marveling at your lack of wisdom and cursing your name to the depths of hell.

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