If you click this box above the "add writeup" textfield, your writeup will not be featured in the New Writeups nodelet or ENN or Everything New Nodes. Have fun creating all those dirty little nodes that other people might not ever see...


Use (Don't display in "New Writeups") to avoid flooding the "New Writeups" nodelet if you're rapidly posting a lot of related material. The canonical example would be when the Jargon File was autonoded into E2. This is good and proper.

Don't use (Don't display in "New Writeups") to sneak something vile or abusive in below the radar of the editors and "gods". This sets our spider senses tingling. I can't speak for anyone else, but when I notice something inappropriate which came in marked with "Don't display..." I have a powerful urge to audit the noder's entire node list. While gently tapping the Node Killing Axe against my palm...

Don't ignore this checkbox!

People don't want to see Nuke Requests, Title Edits, and the like in the "New Writeups" nodelet. If you have to nuke a node, or request a title edit, implant the following directive into your subconscious:

Select this checkbox, cupcake!

This instruction was just recently added to each respective node, yet it is still being ignored. Please. Just check it.

Do it for the children.

Thanks to our wonderful friends in Everything Development, this checkbox is now selected by default on Title Edits, nuke requests, etc.

That doesn't mean you should disregard it!

If you are compiling several writeups into a large set, please be courteous enough to check this box to avoid flooding the "New Nodes" nodelet with your stuff.

There are some people who aren't receptive to this idea, and they are shunned. Please don't be one of them.

Actually there is a very simple way to see new writeups that were hidden even if you are not a God or an Editor. It involves the little address box in your web browser.

Click on any of the writeups in the New Writeups nodelet. (you have to start with a brand new one for this to work correctly, or click on the writeup type and go from there).
See the url in your browser.
See the number right after node_id=


Add 1 to that number like so.


That will bring you to the next newest node, (even if it was hidden). This will also show you new nodeshells and new users as well.
Now you can see all the stuff people have been noding behind your back!

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