Relatively recently, a brief discussion in the chatterbox ensued about people needing to check the 'Don't display in "New Writeups" ' checkbox while performing nuke requests and Title Edits to reduce clutter. Someone suggested that this could be added as a feature. After a bit of monkeying, this is what I came up with (untested, but that's how life is. :-) )

After looking at addwriteup, it seems line 43 is where the control must be made:

43: $str.="<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=writeup_notnew VALUE=1>(Don't display in \"New Writeups\")<p>";

With a bit of work, this could become:

# Up at the top with the other locals...
my $checkboxState = "";
# other code goes here...
$checkboxState = "CHECKED" if $node_id == getNode 'E2 Nuke Request', 'e2node';
$checkboxState = "CHECKED" if $node_id == getNode 'Edit These E2 Titles', 'e2node';
# I am sure there are more titles to look for, but I'd rather validate the concept first...
$str.="<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=writeup_notnew VALUE=1 $checkboxState>(Don't display in \"New Writeups\")<p>";

Obviously, if the desired behavior is to always hide the display, the setup would be modified slightly, probably using an if $checkboxState.

However, I know full well that the nuke request node, and others like it, seems to be immune to soft-linking. If we could tap into that somehow, it would allow the simplification of the code above. So far, I haven't pieced together how it works. Suggestions?

On February 13, 2001 N-Wing managed to implement a form of this, keeping users safe from themselves. Nifty!

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