Dinner was thin spaghetti al dente with Leftover Pasta Sauce (args: leftover baked chicken, the last bit of sausage). Saw Eric Fichaud show the folks in Uniondale (Hallowe'en-disguised as empty seats - it is the "Nassau Mausoleum" now) that he was worthy of his old teen-phenom rep. Aches/pains: gone, for now. What to do with the extra hour? I hear emacs calling...

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I woke up, having arrived the previous night in DC. I was at craig's house (ophie's man). ophie, craig, and I had finished off the night before with a few rounds of tequila shots.

Around 10am-ish ophie and I went to K-Mart for some last minute items, like film. When we got back to craig's, we all piled in craig's room mate's car and started the drive to Philly.

When we got there we ran into an old close friend of mine who recently gotten a bit odd. It was all good though. When ophie and I checked into out hotel room, we changed our clothes and primped. When we were satisfied with the results, we walked over to the bar everyone would be meeting at.

Around 6pm a bunch of my friends from Chicago arrived, including my current crush at the time.

My memories are fuzzy. It was a while ago, and I was a "bad girl drunk by six". I stopped drinking around last call.
Gimmick Road Rallye number two tonite. Did much better than the last one, though still was very annoyed by the number of tricks we fell for during the thing. Oh well, learned quite a few lessons in the process.

And they had a quiz on Wiccan terminology as a little contest during the rallye. I did the one for our car. Got first place, 32 out of 33. Got a prize of a small trophy and some Reese's cups, plus some people calling me witch in fun (I hope).

Attended another Halloween party. Quite a large gathering, in fact. The three kegs got finished with all due speed, and the house where the party was proceeded to get turned upside-down as drunken revelers hunted for alcohol. I mostly drank and tried to engage friends in one-on-one conversation, which of course didn't work due to the circumstances - parties are, by definition, large gatherings, so isolation is not an option. However, the lack of true contact left me cold.

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