A note on the El-Hazard anime OVA series character, Ifurita. Efreetah is the feminized version of Efreet which are female and male fire demons from Arabic/Islamic beliefs. Westerners would probably identify these types of demons more with Djinnis, i.e. they can grant wishes, be enslaved by sorcerers, etc. Thus the world of El-Hazard can be seen to draw it's inspiration from the 1001 Nights of Sheherazade, but with a technological twist.

Android superweapon from the anime series El-Hazard. Created by an ancient race that destroyed itself eons ago, she is reawakened by evil student council president Jinnai and commanded to wreak havoc on the good guys. Our hero, Mizuhara Makoto, attempts to help her find her soul and be free from Jinnai's control, but I won't give away what happens.

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