Due to the overwhelming demand that the e2 jukka theme is "too bright", we now have a more relaxed color scheme for the jukka theme. If you go to your preferences, you will notice that you can now select the e2 jukka theme dim settings from the theme selector.

You may need to do a SHIFT-reload on your browser to flush the old CSS styles for the new settings to take effect. Also note that some of the new colors (the background in particular) are not web safe. So, if you are using a 256 color display, it may not look right.

Could I get that jukka theme dim settings for work? It's way too fucking bright here.

My body hurts. I'm walking slowly around the cubicles to the printer, like an old man at the mall. Tonight more so than other nights I resent speaking with Americans, brusque and bulldozing, making immediate demands. A bunch of rude fuckwads, most of them. The Europeans, primarily in the U.K. and Ireland, are a relief. Maybe they hate us, but I like how they're polite, (so polite!) and say "brilliant" to the most mundane action, like putting them on hold while I check with a vendor. It's like that where I work, anyway, most of the time.

I want to feel like Steve McQueen, back in the Bullit days, just for a while. A week. Fuck, even a day.

I am planning on installing Debian on this little box today. It will overwrite the RH6.1 sitting on the other half of this machine. Ah yes. Linux.

I made a batch of jasmine tea today and made a parsley broth for some soup. Parsley is rumored by herbalists to have detoxifying effects. It also is a mild diuretic. It helps flush out lactic acid from muscles too.

There's nothing like having a stove top full of bubbling colored mixtures!

OH yeah! and I bought G. Love and Special Sauce today!!

But yet, this life seems rather hollow and empty, void of purpose and meaning. I need a purpose. Help give me a purpose!
I meet a fellow everythingian! We wander through New York. We see Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon. Woo-hoo!

He's a swell guy (Not Yoko, Yossarian).

I won a motorcycle in a contest. It wasn't just a motorcycle, it was a $30,000 Harley Davidson motorcycle. The color scheme was yellow with flames and for some reason, they matched the flames that mysteriously appeared painted on my cowboy boots! I felt invincible cruising around on my motorcycle.

I think I feel a midlife crisis coming on early. Maybe I'll have to by me a honking big motorcycle.

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