It was my freshman year in high school and the tennis team and I were on a yearly field trip to the RCA Dome in Indianapolis (dunno the name of the event...sorry).

I wasn't expecting to get up and close with any star players at all, but my friends mentioned to me that everybody was allowed to watch some of the players practice before they got to play. Needless to say, I wanted to be able to see the guys I saw on television so I found out where this was happening and skipped on over. (Literally...well...ok, but wouldn't that be funny?)

So I got there, and sure enough, I saw just about every damn player I wanted to see. But the only two I really cared about were Andre Agasi and Pete Sampras. They looked pretty cool in real life.

Well, I saw Andre and Pete packing up there stuff and getting ready to head back to the locker rooms or wherever they go after they are done.

So I got out my little notepad and my pen ready for the autographs.
Since there was a pretty big crowd, I wasn't able to get close enough for Andre to sign my notepad, but Pete wasn't out yet, so I figured I could at least get his.

Obviously, when Pete started walking out, the crowd kind of shuffled on over to hover around Pete. But guess where I happened to be? Right in his path to wherever he was going. Pete Sampras was coming straight at me with a clear line of sight (there was nobody between me and him) and I was fucking speechless. It took me a second but when Pete finally reached me, I was walking backwards, the whole time saying "Pete, can I have your autograph?" or something similar to that.

But guess what the commie did? He totally ignored me and everyone else asking for his autograph. BAH. If I were a big Tennis player and people wanted MY autograph, I'd sure as hell give it to 'em!

To this day, I can't believe how close I came to someone I see on TV a lot. And I still can't believe the cock suck had the nerve to ignore someone he was practically trampling all over.