If I'm going to wake up at midnight I may as well be out and about to see the sun rise. I can't understand what motivated me but it was strong, so strong that once I was trudging through Canada's poorest neighbourhood en route to a hidden park to install myself, I wasn't surprised to be informed by a friendly passing stranger (junkie? prostitute? your call...) that it was the first day of Spring. Some part of me must have known.

watching helicopters take off

old people practicing tai chi

animals in pairs

A more fitting inception for a day ending in a wake I cannot conceive of.

Today i have no votes or cools. I thought maybe this would discourage me from noding at work, so i didn't mention it. However, guess where i am?
In other news, my mom's in the newspaper today! She's starting the big hike (Appalachian Trail) tomorrow. This is a big deal.

Congratulations to your Mom, ideath. I like your name. When I read In Watermelon Sugar the first four or five times, I did not understand what ideath was about, or even what it was alluding to. Sometimes literature is better that way. Knowledge is sometimes the death of learning, ya know. I'm going to check out your homenode b/c I wanna know more about your mom's trip.

The days in my Rhetoric class are getting worse since I don't have the time to go to a library and get research for the subject I'm supposed to be writing about. Oh, well, I just HOPE things sort themselves out.

Now in my C++ class I'm starting to realize why everyone thinks the damn language is such a bitch. Why do we need classes inheriting functions from other classes, only to rewrite them again?

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