Assignment Due tomorow at 8:00, Now late at night, Nasty bug, brain no work no more, things not all good, ME WANT THINGS BE ALL GOOD, me inadvertantly using del 'stead of backspace, not good, me sleep now, wake 6:00, work more.

I got back this afternoon from Eastern North Carolina, mainly the counties of Sampson and Bladen; I was out there for cousin Brother's funeral. Time constraints didn't allow me to head to the coast for further visitin'.

I've just awakened from a nearly six-hour nap, and could probably sleep another six hours - the general "family reunion on mucho steroids" cacophony of it all made it difficult to sleep these last few days and nights, this on top of a week (at home) in which I didn't get much sleep.

So I was pretty much a zombie during most of it, running on autopilot, struggling to keep my eyes open, with a few sporadic moments of lucid and schmoozable existence in my general feeling of Raymondness, in this demimonde that hasn't heard of /., Everything Death Borg, streaming media, component models, or Koyaanisqatsi. Eleven minutes to Stravinsky. Can hear it on Linux now, new RealPlayer codecs. Licensed the MSAudio codec. Will it run on Linux? Stravinsky, ten minutes...

I did some coding, but with pen and paper only, so I had the chance to look over all the code and see how awful it was, and massage it into something purty and functional; much more got written than would have, had I been sitting in front of my monitor, just spontaneously barfing out code and wondering what went wrong. If I'd brought some floppies with me, I could have typed it up on the old Performa 465 that was there, but in my haste to get there to begin with, I didn't make a complete list of things-to-throw-in-the-backpack, forgetting floppies, and also my Walkman. When my aunt and uncle decide to get themselves an iMac, I hope to convince them to let me install Debian on their Performa, rather than have the box consigned to the attic or landfill.

Oy! I'm still trying to shake the cobwebs and drowse out of my itty bitty head. It has been a disorienting five or six days indeed.

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