(r)(ra) (lang) brainwave says Welcome to shyHyena. We now have two people in the group that have never been to a lang get together. So everyone should expect another one in a week or two.
This is the story of how I wiped out the West Lafayette noder compound and got away with it. Well, now, I can't predict the future, but odds look good.

/msg arcanamundi Just emailed you my "donation"/cookie Paypal receipt. I'd like some of Wuukiee's uberchocolate cookies, if I may. :-)
It's always amused me how people tell Halloween stories about ghosts and ghouls and vampires. The only scary thing is people. Why? Because people are unpredictable. We know what "monsters" do: ghosts haunt, vamps bite. Grr, argh. With a human, you never know when or if or what, even if it's your best friend.

(r)(ra) (lang) mcc says Hey everybody. How about a tiny nodermeet this Friday at our place? Email me for directions if you don't know where we live - mcc362@purdue.edu
You're shaking your head now. I'd never murder someone, I'd never do this, that. Come on. You stood on the top of the parking garage and looked down, and thought, "One jump. One jump and roll and three seconds fall and I'd be dead." And you played softball with the gang the summer you turned fifteen and thought, "Man, I could hurt someone with this bat." And you never do it, so you think you're a good, kind person.

/msg wuukiee Cookies were scrumptious! Any chance I could get your recipe?
You know why most bears won't attack humans? Because they're scared, that's why. They don't know what would happen. They don't know what we're capable of. People say that, once a bear's killed a human, it "gets a taste" for human blood. I think they're wrong. I think a bear keeps on killing because he's finally figured out how easy it is.

(r) Wuukiee says Sure. What's your email address?
What's a psychopath? Someone without a conscience! Someone with no sense of consequences! No, a psychopath is someone with two characteristics: insatiable curiousity, and an understanding of how the hell easy it really is. A lot of people think they would recognize a "psychopath" if they met one. They're wrong. The ones you recognize are the ones who are scared, who think they did something Wrong, that the cops or God are gonna get them. (Of course, they're right...)

Tuesday night, I bought a woodburning kit and three big wooden salad bowls from Wal-Mart. It took some practice with a piece of plywood, and I messed up the first two, but I finally got a nice pentagram and crescent moon etched in the bottom of the last bowl. In Midwest USA, it pretty much screams Bad Witchy Mojo.

Wednesday night, I drove to Indy and bought five packages of aquarium Algae-Kill.

Thursday night, I started baking.

Cops want you to think that getting away with murder is hard. There's some truth to that. It's hard to get away with killing your wife, or the guy you hate at work--or your second cousin (but that's another story). Here's what you have to have to make it work: no known connection--I mean none at all--and a plausible alternative for the detectives.

/msg lang Ack, looks like I can't make it Friday after all. Maybe next time! :)
"You must be 'Shy-Hyena.' So, you made it after all!"
(shy smile) "Yup. I brought copycat cookies, too."

West Lafayette, Ind. -- Seven college students were found dead in an apartment Saturday, in what appeared to be a mass suicide. Investigators said the victims appeared to have eaten cookies laced with cyanide. Several of the victims, who according to friends met in an Internet chat room, were active members of a student group devoted to the occult.

"It's just a sad sign of our times," said Purdue police chief Jon Fosnaugh. "Kids are getting their hearts darkened by the Internet, turning to witchcraft and, and Dungeons and Dragons, and this is the sad result."

No connection. Plausible explanation. Someday, someone on E2 will notice that none of them have logged on for a while. Maybe it'll be me.

It was fun to watch.

I'm getting jumpy, anyway, though. I think I'll skip town for a while.

I hear there's a nodermeet coming up in Boston.

a 2003 HalloweenQuest entry

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