Gröûp X(their prefered spelling) is a colorful musical group that has dubbed itself “Arabian rap sensations.” Gröûp X has attained a strong cult following in the last few years because of their unique style. Gröûp X draws upon the same factors that have made the Mahir Cagri and All Your Base Are Belong To Us fads so popular. These factors include ridiculously broken english and a healthy dose of zany rhymes. The group claims to be made up of three thirty-year-old Arabian men who came to the United States to "do the sex with ladies and play hip-hop after we are done at the 7-11." Yet, despite their denials and fake speech impediments, they are really just three white guys from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

The stage names of the Gröûp X members:
Hashmeer” Shashmeer - vocals
Blade” aka DJ Pattiecake - bass, mixing, back-up vocals
Rex” aka DJ Rocksolid - mixing, drums

Their first album release was entitled 40 oz. Slushie but it is no longer in circulation and there are only about ten left. Luckily, all the songs from 40 oz. Slushie "are new and better-ed versions" on Gröûp X’s second and latest release, Stepping On The Crowtche Of Your Americain Presidente. The cover art of this album shows a smiling child donning a scarf and AK-47 in front of a picture of the White House.

Track listing for Stepping On The Crowtche Of Your Americain Presidente:
1. Good Girl Yes, Bad Girl No
2. Bang Bang Bang
3. Idioth
4. Rollerskaite Date
5. Pyussycathe Ho
6. Peanuts (Toot Toot)
7. Cheese
8. White Chocolate & Group X
9. Strawberry Short Song
10. You Would Give Me Kiss If If I Were On Soccer Team
11. Trickshoth
12. Too Many Guys
13. Mario Twins
14. (france)
15. Jonny Poopoopants
16. Sehventain Year-es
17. Down't Touch That (I Demand)
18. Pay For Your Gas Or Lose Your ID

For those looking to sample the best of Gröûp X, I would suggest checking out “Bang Bang Bang”, “You Would Give Me Kiss If If I Were On Soccer Team”, “Mario Twins”(human beatbox version of Mario Bros. NES game), and Down't Touch That(parody of “Can’t touch this”) first. I really can’t explain all that is Gröûp X, you’ve got to experience it first hand. Gröûp X is currently on a record label named Equidistant.

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