Sockeye is a punk band from Kent, Ohio. Although their line-up has changed several times over the years, Sockeye has always been led by founding member Dave Schall (a.k.a. Food Fortunata). Their music has been called retardcore by some, and they wear their political-incorrectness like badges of honor. Their sound is basically the sound of four drunk guys goofing off and having a lot of fun. All in all, good old fashioned general wackiness in lo-fi recordings, with lyrics that would make your mom break their record in half. I like it! Dave Schall has done a lot in punk rock besides Sockeye, he started the record label Wheelchair Full of Old Men, on which Sockeye released most of their records and cassettes. Related bands include Boy In Love;, Fossil Fuel, and Kill The Hippies.

  Sockeye is known for songs with titles like Boy With Breast Implants, Your Muff Has Tusks, Cervix Blues, and Tittyfuck A Coalminer. They've released many 7" records and even more cassette-only releases. Countless cassettes. So many, in fact, that I'm not going to type up a discography because it would be too difficult to remember everything.

  Dave Schall has also written for several zines, and has a chapbook out called Much Ado About Teeth. And remember, kids, nothing like Sockeye would have ever been possible without teeth. Oh, and lots and lots of beer!

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