Superkingdom Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata
Superclass Pisces
Class Osteichthyes
Subclass Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
Superorder Protacanthopterygii or Division Teleostei
Order Salmoniformes
Family Salmonidae
Genus Salvelinus

A genus containing about 30 species variously called trout and char, salmon-like fish inhabiting the Northern Hemisphere.  Although a few species live in saltwater coastal areas, most are specalized populations which have become adapted to (and become trapped in) particular freshwater environments, particularly the deep reaches of lakes.  For example, although Tory Regan identified fifteen species of char (marked with (R)) native to the British Isles in 1908, some scientists now say that many of them are subspecies of S. alpinus.

The most important char species are marked in bold.
Small, Italic text identifies the range of a particular species.
ENA = Eastern North America
WE = Western Europe
UK = United Kingdom
NE = Northern Europe

  • S. agassizii (Silver Trout) (US lakes; extinct)
  • S. albus (White char) (Russia)
  • S. alpinus (Bleikja, Arctic Char) (Europe, Arctic Ocean, North Atlantic, ENA)
  • S. anaktuvukensis (Angayukaksurak char) (Brooks Range, Alaska)
  • S. andriashevi (Chukot char) (Lake Estikhet, Siberia)
  • S. boganidae (Taimyr Peninsula, Siberia)
  • S. colii (Lough Eske, Ireland) (R)
  • S. confluentus (Bull Trout) (Northern Rocky Mountains)
  • S. czerskii (Cherski's char) (Siberian Lakes)
  • S. drjagini (Dryanin's char) (Taimyr Peninsula)
  • S. elgyticus (Small-mouth char) (Lake El'gygytgyn , Siberia)
  • S. fimbriatus (Lake Coomasaharan, Ireland) (R)
  • S. fontinalis (Brook trout) (ENA, widely introduced)
  • S. gracillimus (Shetland Islands) (R)
  • S. grayi (Lough Melvin, Ireland) (R)
  • S. inframundus (UK, extinct) (R)
  • S. jacuticus (Yakutian char) (Lakes in Lena River delta)
  • S. japonicus (Totsukawa River, Japan)
  • S. killinensis (WE)
  • S. leucomaenis (Whitespotted char) (Eastern Siberia, Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk, Bering Sea)
  • S. lonsdalii (UK) (R)
  • S. mallochi (UK) (R)
  • S. malma (Dolly Varden) (Eastern Siberia, Sea of Japan around to NWNA)
  • S. maxillaris (UK) (R)
  • S. murta (Murta) (Iceland)
  • S. namaycush (Lake Trout) (Northern North America)
  • S. neiva (Neiva) (Lakes Olen and Aglykyt', Russia)
  • S. obtusus (Blunt snouted Irish char) (Kilkenny Lakes, Ireland) (R)
  • S. perisii (WE)
  • S. profundus (WE)
  • S. scharffi  (Lough Ennel and Lough Owel, Ireland; extinct) (R)
  • S. struanensis (WE)
  • S. thingvallensis (NE)
  • S. tolmachoffi (Lake Esei, Russia)
  • S. trevelyani (Lough Finn, Ireland) (R)
  • S. umbla (Storröding) (Scandinavia)
  • S. willoughbii (WE)
  • S. youngeri (Loch Eck, Scotland)

The Irish Char Conservation Group

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