A band from Baltimore, MD that basically created their own genre called Organica: a hybrid of organic and electronica. Their big schtick is that they are five guys that play what sounds a lot like electronic music with two guitars, a bass guitar, a drum kit, a saxophone and a whole bunch of effects pedals.

The band consists of:

They have released four albums to date:

Their music is characterized by dark textures created by short, sparse loops played on the guitars, huge, often distorted basslines, and ethereal melodies on the sax. Things start to really get crazy when the drums kick into drum & bass mode. Mike Lowry plays breakbeats that are faster than i ever thought a human would be capable of, and are more complex than a lot of IDM. These guys do a live cover of Amon Tobin's track Nightlife! They also cover everything from Black Sabbath to Ornette Coleman.

Their live shows are full of improvisation and for this they've earned the admiration of the jam band and jazz crowds alike. They've played everywhere from raves to jazz festivals to New York City's Summerstage concert series in Central Park. I first saw them open for Soul Coughing at Washington, D.C.'s 9:30 Club in 1998 and I've been hopelessly addicted ever since. I predict moderate to enormous success in their future.


Also a popular seafood dish in Baltimore that the band took its name from. I've never tried it so I'll leave it to someone else.

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