Aww yeah baby.

Don't call it a comeback! Cause it ain't. MC Hammer rockin' da house with this powerhouse album. You know it son.

This album is all about the title song. Hell, it ain't even about that - it's all about how fast you can do the Too Legit To Quit semi-sign language thingie. Cause you know you gotta do it to be cool. Practice up and show me your stuff.

Oh - and don't forget your baggy pants. Don't try to come around being all styling and shit without em. I'll show your ass up in a heart-beat baby.

Track List:

  1. This Is the Way We Roll
  2. Brothers Hang On
  3. Too Legit To Quit
  4. Living in a World Like This
  5. Tell Me (Why Can't We Live Together)
  6. Releasing Some Preasure
  7. Find Yourself a Friend
  8. Count It Off
  9. Good To Go
  10. )
  11. Lovehold
  12. Street Soldiers
  13. Do Not Pass Me By
  14. Gaining Momentum

Title Song:

[Lyrics deleted for copyright reasons. - Ed.]

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