This is a song by Ween, from the album Pure Guava.

This song has very mellow percussion in the background, with electronics, while two vocalists take turns--sometimes talking together--saying strange lines about how they're each "legit." During one stanza (the "my ma bought me a cool shirt" stanza), they say every line together, and for some reason they think it is hilarious. They laugh at themselves a couple of times, bust up while being recorded, and then attempt to continue the song anyway.

It seems like they're probably high or something while they're recording this; occasionally they talk about how cool and smooth they are:

dude's hounding this bitch
i'm checkin' out the shit laughing
later on i'll fuck her
she knows i'm legit

On and on, yadda yadda, about how legit they are. It's actually quite amusing, because they make some rather poetic references, but then again, just because something makes no sense does not mean it is artistic.

This song is © 1992 by Ween, Elektra Records (Cassette), © 1992 CD Creation Records (CD).

Pure Guava
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