Don't touch this!

Believe it or not, but in 1990, MC Hammer put out a movie, directed by Rupert Wainwright, that serves to remind us why it is a good thing the late eighties and early nineties of the 20th century are a thing of the past: Please Hammer don't hurt 'em: The Movie!

The following "five key tracks" from the album are included:

The "plot" around the videos in this full-fledged movie feature in miniature is so weak one wonders if anyone took it seriously when this flick was released. It seems like a feeble attempt to show or build his street credibility. Let the back-cover blurb speak for itself:

The story line follows HAMMER as he returns home to his Oakland, California turf and confronts the local dealer who has put the lives of the community's children in danger. This is more than a video, just as MC HAMMER is more than a rapper. So, watch out!

The last comment should be taken in earnest, as nothing justifies watching this for the full 60 minutes unless you have a very high pain threshold, or a funny bone for bad movies. If it proves something, it is that Hammer can't act for two cents, and that we should hope the fashion style he created (suits three sizes to large and weird pants that won't split until the knees) won't come back.

Please Hammer, don't hurt me

Too late, even the 200 Yen the LD it cost me seem like a lot now, and nothing will return the time wasted watching it...

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