A piece of music by Raymond Scott which was frequently used by Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes cartoons, usually in scenes involving machinery or technology. You'd probably recognize it if you heard it.

A comic book character created by Erik Larsen. He made his first appearance in "Savage Dragon #24". Powerhouse may be the strongest person in the world--he could kick the Dragon's green ass any day of the week and is at least as powerful as Mighty Man (Larsen's version of Captain Marvel). He's tall, muscular, cool, and calm under pressure. But Powerhouse doesn't get too much respect. He has, you see, the head of a chicken.

Powerhouse is an enforcer for Chicago's Vicious Circle, a gang of superpowered criminals, but he has sometimes been seen as a hero by Chicago citizens. Sometimes, quite by accident, he stops bank robberies while rounding up rogue members of the Circle, and is sensible and mercenary enough to work against the crooks if the situation is too dangerous. He has quit and then rejoined the Vicious Circle several times and continues to be a thorn in the side of the Dragon and the Chicago police.

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