I like walking and talking in groups. The conversation can rove and roam, and diverge and parallel itself, and people can fall silent without it becoming uncomfortable. There's always new stimuli coming up on either side - and walking is good for the brain.

On the way from the park to the train, novalis posed us this question. Of the noders in attendance, the preliminary response was something really good, which prompted his response: so, we're mostly all of the my body is a station wagon for my brain camp. Ah no! Among the dissenters, we had a sports car, a Pinto, and at least one non-automotive noder - i like having a body. It's kind of part of my brain. And it's got enough troubles without lopping off bits in order to get better computer equipment.

We talked about the potential humanitarian wishes and conditions one could make, world peace, the like, but it all seemed so far-fetched. Even with magic, could you get a guarantee? And if the world peace was not what you intended, who would you appeal to to get your arm back? It's no good, see. However, i might consider donating an arm if the funds raised were used towards obtaining a nice big functional boat. As long as i get a sharp, shiny hook. Yar!

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