...and lived to tell the tale. Type the tale. Whatever. We'll laugh later.

We were hungry hanging about, waiting for Kit Lo and shmOOnkie pOOnks to arrive (separately), and i was preparing to cut mangos. Yoss unsheathed a deadly knife and handed it to me, then started trying to clear space on his small kitchen island. The glass on the end -- pushed down -- teetered -- and we both rushed for it, instinctually, my right hand, his right darting out.

The glass survived unscathed, Yoss did not. He got nicked. Nicked good. And refused to blame me. Let me catch it next time! You know i can!

I cut the mangos, and handed round pieces to the assembled noders, who were packed sitting standing leaning crouching in the little kitchen: SophiesCat, ism, shm00nkie p00nks, novalis, Kit, yossarian, fuct. Feeding good people good things, simply, feels good. And i only hope it helped my karma.

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