Pimp Daddy Welfare is an amateur rapper based in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is not known for it's rappers, which is appropriate, since PDW is not known for his rap skills.

Despite his lack of musicality, flow, or sex appeal, he has achieved a good deal of fame thanks to his unusually offensive lyrics and, of course, the Internet. His tracks were some of the most downloaded on mp3.com until the powers that be decided to censor them.

PDW began rapping under his current stage name in 1997. Since then he has put out six albums:

A 7th album is reportedly on the way. All of the above discs were (obviously) released independently, usually over the net from PDW's website http://www.pimpdaddywelfare.com or via mp3.com.

A large percentage of PDW's entertainment value derives from his song titles, which are often funnier than the tracks themselves. However, some of his recordings do have a certain simple, offensive, charm to them. One of his most universally popular tracks is "Elmo Ain't Yo Average Nza", which somehow manages to be catchy in spite of itself.

Though he himself is white, Welfare has expressed a preference for Asian women through such tracks as "3 Azn Grrls And A Bottle Of Vodka", and "Azn Titties and Little Kiddies". For some reason, this has caused his critics to accuse him of racism, a charge PDW denies. In reponse to his accusers, he produced the track, "Pussy's All Pink on the Inside," sure to be adopted as the official theme song of the United Nations World Conference Against Racism.

Misogyny, on the other hand, would be a much harder charge for PDW to deny. His tracks are far from feminist-approved, including, for example, such dubious classics as "Beat the Bitch That Talks Too Much", "Waffle Whore House", and well, pretty much all of the rest of his music. Probably good stuff to put on the stereo if you need to end a date quickly though.

In spite of his many faults, PDW is an entertaining Internet phenomenon. His website has the de rigeur fan/hatemail sections, a complete discography, a FAQ, concert photos, and much more. There are also quite a few stories online which explain some of his more bizarre tracks. (For instance, he documents the altercation with Mr. T which resulted in "Mr. T is a Bitch".) Finally, the site has his seven Vodkettes, which may be nominated and voted out by fans, Survivor-style.

Due to his relative lack of talent (even PDW admits he doesn't take himself seriously) he does few public performances. However, for those who live far from Columbus, he offers these words in consolation: "just put turn up your PDW MP3s real loud, get drunk off of Vodka, and sing along. That's pretty much what a PDWelfare concert is like anyway."

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