I still can't stop thinkin' about this one.

I was in the Super Street Fighter II game. My character was me(that means a cowboy hat and boots) and I had a weapon, my enormous belt buckle. I was fighting Zangief, the behemoth soviet. I noticed that there were Federal Agents all around the fighting arena, because I had accidentally killed Blanca in the previous fight. I had the giant russian on the ground sobbing in german, when I woke my self up saying HADOKEN!.

I looked over to my girlfriend, who was looking at me, and I laid back down and went to sleep. She does not recall the incident.
Wierd shit like this just scares me.

- / +

  • In middle school. Some guy who looked EXACTLY like my old Latin teacher but wasn't him. He called Roger "Rog" and I thought that was super cute. Some kid had gone AWOL and my old algebra teacher jumped down the manhole to wait for him in the aqueduct. I sat in my desk in an empty classroom, afraid to go home until I'd been given permission. I was just about to sneak out when my algrebra teacher came back and gave me a lecture.
  • The film club was populated by geek's geeks and I so wanted to join.
  • making a wide u-turn where I wasn't supposed to and almost getting creamed
  • the animals were eating all the apples and we needed them to stay alive
  • the bookstore was a babysitter and people left their infants for hours
  • In nate's house I was undergoing questioning. A little notepad filled with these crazyass programming questions. They were multiple choice but I had no clue and was mad at whoever whote them down, horrendous handwriting made it even harder. It was freezing and I may or may not have been naked. I wrapped up in a quilt that got scratchier every time I adjusted it. There was a question "what would be an appropriate thing to say when you've just had a business meeting with someone?" and the correct answer was "Good moment!" I thought the whole thing was stupid and didn't understand why they kept questioning me. thefez was there trying to help me cheat I think. There was one question about gaming which I accidentally answered right, and everyone got very excited. I think I hadn't really answered at all, they just misheard me. They were so happy I didn't want to spoil the illusion, so I nodded and pretended to know what I was talking about. nate wanted me to be a durst caterpillar or a bunny named Wintersweet, which were of course the same thing. I saw my character projected on a screen, and it alternately hopped and ate flowers with a gaping eyeless face.
My last dream log/My Next dream log

Sort of choppy memories. I'm not sure if this was all one dream, or a couple.

  • I was at a prom. It may have been mine, it may have been somebody elses. There was a girl from my high school there - somebody I wasn't even friends with, and in fact didn't really like. This annoying girl named Cindy.
  • There was also people from my old town, where I used to live when I was about eleven. I haven't seen any of them for about five years, but I dream of them frequently. It could have been their prom.
  • Dark room, octagon-shaped, with a bar in the middle of the room. Quite small, with windows on all sides from floor to ceiling.
  • This chick Cindy couldn't buy a drink, because she was underage. She was complaining about how they should serve to minors at prom.
  • I've left the prom, and am in either a bookstore or a library. I am walking through it, on my way somewhere. I am thinking that I can help the staff because I know alot about books (I recently quit my job at a bookstore, where I had been working for a couple of years). The staff to me seem incompetent.
  • I'm at Katie's house (one of the childhood friends). My roommate is there, telling me excitedly about his fabulous room. I realize that the apartment we've rented in Vancouver (we haven't seen it yet) is in fact Katie's house (in Toronto). I'm not sure if it just has the same layout, or if it is actually the same thing. I ask Katie's mother if I can look around her house, so that I can get a better idea of what the apartment looks like.

The last night's dream... (My next dream / Wolf's Dreamworld - this is my first dream log I've written down specifically in E2, the previous dream was on my web page)

Written down with my C64, then OCRed (the damned 1541-savvy transfer program bombs with a not-too-helpful Runtime Error message under Win98 and there's no equivalent proggy for Linux >=( )


Another booster training dream? Where the heck these come from? =)

Again, I was in the army booster training. This time, I actually had Fun With Capital F. Two things to confirm this: I had a friend this time there with me (can't remember who it was... surprise surprise). And the other thing: military technology had taken giant leaps forward and our company had become a BattleMech company. =)

There were differences, though. In RL, we had a real barbershop in Kajaani garrisons but here we had just a room with several soldiers with scissors who quickly and neatly shaved people bald, charging 70 mk for that (outrageous price!). I told them to leave me some hair... and the friend of mine helped me to pay the haircut because I had left my wallet to the locker.

Then to the actual action! On one 'Mech training mission we (with this friend of mine) found something that wasn't part of the excercise. A destroyed light 'Mech. I jumped out of my 'Mech and went to investigate the destroyed one that was lying on the bottom of pit in the forest, reporting back to my friend with the radio.

It was an unusual 'Mech design, but I was sure I had seen it before. The center torso had cargo holds and as I entered it I noticed it was full of... toys! I looked at the pattern of the toys on floor, trying to do some forensic analysis based on how the things were. I remember that I accidentally moved one toy truck and tried to put it back where it was...

The cargo hold had two doors. I had entered from the back - the friend of mine had decided the backdoor was used to drop mines. Remembering the Labor designs from the movie (some mixup of mecha things? =), I noticed that the front door must have been used by the pilot to enter and exit the cockpit (there was a ladder to the cockpit from the cargo hold).

Much later, we were back in the barracks with my friend... or I'm not sure, it could have been elsewhere. Anyway, I agreed to give a smartcard (of some sort) worth 70 mk as payment for the haircut. He spoke to me quietly suggesting what we should do that evening. I couldn't quite hear what he said, but agreed anyway. Something about Bebek.

That night, on the evening leave, we went to Oulu Bebek shop. I have no idea how we got to Oulu.. and even less idea why Oulu had Bebek shop because they certainly don't have one there in RL. (Bebek is a chain of electronic component shops - and they don't have much clue about web design: http://www.bebek.fi/)

Now the Oulu Bebek was something I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams! They didn't sell just components there; they also sold household appliances and they had a really wide collection of CDs too - that's why my friend had wanted us to go there... I didn't browse the CDs. I just noticed I had been in the shop before in some other dream.

A tripped over some Super Nintendo game boxes (several Super Mario Kart boxes and some other game in black box - the game name started with "S" and it had "64" in the end. Strange for a Super Nintendo game =), and noticed I had seen the pile of junk in that corner before.

Much to my horror, I noticed I had what's technically known as "Härövarustus" - incorrectly composed uniform. I had the green camoflage-patterned uniform, but I had a deep dark blue baseball cap. My friend had neat uniform but it was the service uniform that was supposed to be changed before going outside garrison. (The service uniform we had in RL was gray, now this service uniform was dark blue and the baseball cap was part of it. Reminds me of police uniform, which suspiciously enough sounds like another Patlabor reference...)

Now, I didn't want to get into too much trouble for having not-100%-correct uniform. I tried to convince my friend to return soon... so I showed him my watch, that said 8:50 PM, reminding that we were supposed to be back at 2100 hours. (Now, I'd be *terribly* glad if I'd know how to get from Oulu to Kajaani in 10 minutes, but hey, this is a dream...)

I only remember one dream from last night.

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