E*lev"en (?), a. [OE. enleven, AS. endleofan, endlufon, for nleofan; akin to LG. eleve, olwe, olwen, D. elf, G. elf, eilf, OHG. einlif, Icel. ellifu, Sw. elfva, Dan. elleve, Goth. ainlif, cf. Lith. venolika; and fr. the root of E. one + (prob.) a root signifying "to be left over, remain," appearing in E. loan, or perh. in leave, v. t., life. See One, and cf. Twelve.]

Ten and one added; as, eleven men.


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E*lev"en, n.


The sum of ten and one; eleven units or objects.


A symbol representing eleven units, as 11 or xi.

3. Cricket & American Football

The eleven men selected to play on one side in a match, as the representatives of a club or a locality; as, the all-England eleven.


© Webster 1913.

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