an entry in OLA Scary Story Contest 2000

The Haunted Pie
by Jennifer, age eleven

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jenny. She had a boyfriend camed Chris. One day they went to the pumpkin patch to buy a pumpkin. The bought the biggest one. Jenny took all the seeds out and roasted them. She cut the pumpkin to put decorations in it.

When she was done it looked like a jack-o-launtern. But Chris said   "Jenny you forgot the candles."   She said   "thanks Chris."  on Halloween nobody went to Jenny's house for trick-or-treak. Because when children came the pumkin would scare them.She said"Chris this is so strang e nobody came in their costumes."   Chris said" Jenny no one came at all."   Then she took the pumkin in and said   "Chris lets make pumkin pie together. After they made pumkin pie. They put it in the cooling bin. When they were about to cut the pie Chris said   " lets stand back to back."  Jenny said  "sure".

They stood back to back. When Jenny put the knife in the pie she let go and turned around and said   " Chris do you want to cut the rest of it."   He said   "sure."  When they turned around the knife was gone. They said   "who took the knife."   They took another knife and put it in the pie and it disappeared too. Then later she called her friends over. Jenny said   "come in make your self feel at home."   Jenny went to get something. When she came back her friend was gone. She called her friend and her friend didn't answer. She went to the kitchen she saw her friend's legs sticking out of the pie. She got to scared she ran out side and her boyfriend was home. She started to tell him about her friend's legs sticking out of the pie he didn't believe her. So she grabed his hand and pulled him to the kichen. Her friend's legs weren't there any more.

Then she triedto cut the pie again and she didn't let go she said" Chris hold holh my hand and they held each other's hand and the pie ate both of them. And then later her family came and the pie ate the family and leaf their heads on the front door porch. And that was the story of The Haunted Pie.



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