Test, exam, quiz or question that provides several possible answers, and you must provide the right or best answer.

Often nicknamed "Multiple guess." Multiple choice is a major part of standardized testing, and is also a feature of many modern schools, because multiple choice tests are easy to grade.


Circle the letter of the answer that best matches the question.

1.When I met her I thought she was:
a. serious and waif-like.
b. wild and dangerous
c. beautiful, like a dream

2. When I asked her what she was studying, she said:
a. Middle Eastern religions
b. the back of my head
c. Pre-Med

3. When we went out to eat for the first time I ordered a steak and she asked for
a. a salad, no dressing
b. a large order of chili-cheese fries
c. a loaded baked potato (but ate only the toppings)

4. After we slept together for the first time she
a. told me she knew what a caterpiller felt like when it came out of the cocoon.
b. slept for 3 hours, then went out to get bagels
c. bit my shoulder so badly I needed stitches

5. I never knew we could have so much fun on a roadtrip to:
a. her cousin's house in Galveston.
b. my uncle's farm in Miami,Ohio
c. her roomate's home in South Dakota.

6. I thought it was forever when she bought me a
a. framed copy of the Washington Post, on the day I was born.
b. complete set of blueprints from a Frank Lloyd Wright building.
c. an autographed Bobby Orr jersey.

7. I thought I would never see her again:
a. when she saw me alone with that girl from the chem lab
b. when I saw her wrestling with that guy from the band
c. when we argued about her pierced eyebrow

8. I left her for three months, but fell back in love when:
a. I saw her fingerpainting in the park with some kids
b. she sent me a postcard with a picture of a dalmation driving a Pacer-"Look out, I might be gaining on you!"
c. she left an opened bottle of her perfume in my doorway.

9. She died tragically
a. and suddenly of a stroke, home with her family
b. after a long bout with cancer
c. one of many, in a random shooting at a strip mall

10. I will never
a. understand why I was so blessed with her
b. get over her
c. shop at stripmalls

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