OWTTE is an acronym which stands for "Or Words to that Effect." It has two major uses, as a "chat tool" and as a guideline for correcting tests which do not involve the infamous multiple choice answers. Although OWTTE should not be an acronym because it is not also a word and is not easily pronounced, (if you can pronounce it, let me know,)it is accepted as an acronym for all practical uses and can be found at www.acronymfinder.com

As a chat tool, OWTTE has a few limited purposes.

1. To compensate for poor memory.
For example, in an online conversation one might say, "So David told her that he just had to leave, OWTTE." If you cannot remember a story well enough to quote it, don't varnish your reputation by admitting to your poor memory.

2. To conceal information or cause a certain interpretation.
Another way to approach the aforementioned conversation might be, "So David told her to shove off and get a life, OWTTE." David didn't actually tell "her" to do it, (I'm started to feel bad for inventing this imaginary person), but the storyteller uses OWTTE so they can misquote and give David a reputation as a not-so-nice guy.

3. To make oneself sound intelligent.
We all try to make ourselves sound intelligent at times, (whether we are or not is a completely different matter), and by adding a pompous OWTTE we can succeed quite nicely, without even quoting Greek philosophers or using French. (Personally, my accent is terrible, and OWTTE is easier to remember.)

Several other uses can be added to OWTTE when used as a guideline for testing correction, such as used by the IB.

4. To allow a teacher to not understand the subject material, but still correct the test.
For example, the published answer to a physics problem might be, and actually is, "Each point on a wave front acts as a source of secondary 'wavelets'; the envelope of waves from these point sources, in the forward direction, forms the new wave front; OWTTE." Because of the addition of the acronym OWTTE the teacher is not required to know exactly what this means, and can still grade Jack and Jill's physics tests.

5. To allow ease and comfort for teacher's correcting tests.
By using OWTTE, the teacher can be more relaxed while grading, and so can more fully enjoy the process while drinking wine in the tropical sun in Hawaii. (The tropical sun in Hawaii may often be neglected, but, at least when grading my papers, my teachers do not neglect the wine.)

So whether it be for comfort levels, bouts of amnesia, lack of understanding, a pompous opinion of oneself, or because you want a disclaimer so you can lie and not feel guilty, OWTTE is quite a useful tool. Disregarding the fact, of course, that "Or words to that effect" has no significant meaning that can lead to greater understanding.

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