I have sat here for hours it seems trying to come up with a way of expressing what this piece means to me. When something is important, I tend to freeze up and become tongue tied. I am giving this to my son when he graduates 8th grade this month. I want him to understand that he has choices, that it is up to him which road he takes. I want him to understand this now while he prepares to enter highschool. It is up to him, not me what he does with his life. I can only walk with him a ways as his guide. Making no choice is a choice in itself. Life will still come, whether he is ready or not. I would prefer that he face it eyes wide open with the confidence in himself to choose what he feels is best for him. This piece says it better than any way I could come up with on my own.

The Path You Choose
A ballad
lyrics by Ruth Williamson
(copyright Williamson & Silverstein , 1996)

One small step
Then another
That's the way you start to climb
Put one foot before the other and you'll be there
All in good time

Don't look up
At the summit
That'll scare the best away
Turn your eyes away from it and look instead at today
The world is right beneath your shoes
Keep your eyes on the path you choose

Every rock
Every pebble
Has a story all it's own
One holds firm and one's a rebel that breaks away
And rolls on alone.

Don't despair
If you stumble
That's the only way to learn
Being brave
Keeps you humble
So take a step, take your turn
You'll find a thousand different views
As you walk
On the path you choose

Your journey seems endless
But how could you know?
It all flies by faster the further you go.

As you climb
You'll discover other travelers on the rise.
Take the time to walk together
And share the view
See with new eyes

Stop to rest
When you're weary
Put aside that stubborn will
Count the stars.
Count your blessings
And learn by just being still.
It's not a race
You win or lose

Walk don't run
Take it in
You'll soon be done
So begin
by taking one small step
On the path you choose

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