Taking the time to really stop worrying about time.

Being completely unscheduled. Taking pleasure in the small things life throws your way.

For example, stopping to smell the roses rather than running them over with your car.

I finally became too busy today and snapped. I started walking. I chose south, or maybe south chose me. I don't recall if it was a conscious decision or not. I looked for the biggest obstacle I could find, the hill in the distance would do nicely. I kept walking. I had at some point made a decision to act and not to be. I became an automaton, not thinking, not seeing, not stopping, plodding towards a goal that I did not choose to choose. I saw friends fall by the wayside as I strove to the distance. Until I fell. Staring at the dirt, and the leaves, and the fallen trees, I realized that living is more than acting. There was beauty beyond my control, depth beyond my understanding, places I could not go. The path became real, and for once I saw it's beauty.

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