I was thinking about this today, I think too much, but oh well. Decisions which I had made years ago, with little thought seem to have an impact on me today as far as what people I meet/know and all sorts of things. Is the only reason I know certain people due to the fact that I took French instead of Spanish in 6th grade? I think so, its hard to make any decision halfheartedly when you know it can impact everything in the future. But there's no real way to judge what the outcome is going to be, there's way to many factors to take into account. Had I not been in the right place at the right time, would things have changed, certain people who I now know quite well would be nothing more than faces to me. This kind of shit scares me, a lot, because I know that right now I'm supposed to be shaping my future, but I suppose its easier to assume that the right coincidences will happen and that it will all be okay.

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