My last dream log/My Next dream log

Sort of choppy memories. I'm not sure if this was all one dream, or a couple.

  • I was at a prom. It may have been mine, it may have been somebody elses. There was a girl from my high school there - somebody I wasn't even friends with, and in fact didn't really like. This annoying girl named Cindy.
  • There was also people from my old town, where I used to live when I was about eleven. I haven't seen any of them for about five years, but I dream of them frequently. It could have been their prom.
  • Dark room, octagon-shaped, with a bar in the middle of the room. Quite small, with windows on all sides from floor to ceiling.
  • This chick Cindy couldn't buy a drink, because she was underage. She was complaining about how they should serve to minors at prom.
  • I've left the prom, and am in either a bookstore or a library. I am walking through it, on my way somewhere. I am thinking that I can help the staff because I know alot about books (I recently quit my job at a bookstore, where I had been working for a couple of years). The staff to me seem incompetent.
  • I'm at Katie's house (one of the childhood friends). My roommate is there, telling me excitedly about his fabulous room. I realize that the apartment we've rented in Vancouver (we haven't seen it yet) is in fact Katie's house (in Toronto). I'm not sure if it just has the same layout, or if it is actually the same thing. I ask Katie's mother if I can look around her house, so that I can get a better idea of what the apartment looks like.