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(Again written down with my C64, printed and OCRed - hey, someone give me a transfer program that knows how to deal with Trans64 cable!!! Quick!)


I don't remember as much as from the previous dreams but this one was strange too...

At one point, it was spring and snow had not yet melted. Outside, near a school, some sort of elections were taking a place. The old lady who was supervising the elections asked the voters to move to four queues, based on what kind of headwear they had; the first queue was for "foxes", the second queue for "wool caps" and so on. (As an animal lover, I was annoyed because there were a specific queue for those who wear fox fur, implying stuff like that would be highly popular... No, I don't agree with fox farming. At all.) Anyway, I went to find my papers so I could vote too.

The election place was up in the hill; A friend of mine carried a small piece of rail down the hill, while I had a big skateboard of sorts I had made of boards and some wheels. When I went headlong down the hill (lying down, of course, more fun!), this friend of mine came down sliding on top of that piece of rail!

When we got to the bottom of the hill, he sled a few centimeters further than I did. He said "this must be the first piece of steel to get this far", I felt a bit annoyed of the fact he had slid further with that rail and started telling that the asphalt underneath had iron. But, he knew more of the asphalt and rock than I did, and told his rail was the furthest piece of steel there.

Well, as we walked down the hill, he kept telling me how superior this piece of rail was compared to everything. Well, I compared the rail to my board, telling it had several inconviniences (like, it weighted a bit more than my board and that steering it was a lot more complicated because it had no wheels). Well, he couldn't deny these, but told of some other cool things...

People passing us thought my friend was drunk. I tried to keep distance. =) He offered the women who passed a ride down the hill, one of the women shouted something to someone else further down the road in English.

Anyway, soon we got to our destination: The Railroad Museum. This museum was a very impressive, big place with glass walls and stuff (Well, then, you cant put several locomotives into small buildings, now can you? =); it had a vast library of railroad-related books. I walked around in the library, trying to find my friends who had got there earlier. I met the museum director too, another old lady who greeted me in a friendly way.

I saw my friends in a small room with some bookshelves. As I entered the room, I noticed that the room connected to a small auditorium in the middle of the library; a bunch of school kids sat there quietly doing whatever they did at the moment. The teacher was mostly quiet, but when he opened his mouth, he seemed kind of stressed, muttering something about how people treat him badly.

- / +

  • I don't know why the professor insisted on pretending she wasn't my mother, she clearly was, nothing was different except her hair, which had gone thin and white and curly. The class was being held in my parents' house, was another good clue. I thought I was looking something up on the internet but really I was having a religious scientific vision.

    A window opened and I maximized it. I flew down a hallway fast, so fast it scared me. It was a series of conneced chambers, with more branching off in every direction. I found that by thinking about changing my direction, I could, but it was really hard to do, so I just went where it wanted me to go. Finally I stopped, hovering. There was an object in the air, a coalescence of silver. I knew I had to destroy it. No malice, it's just what I was there to do. I fired at it with my mind and with every shot, a piece of it flew off and went down a different hallway. I knew if the pieces made contact with other orbs, they would do the same thing. It was intensely difficult to keep my mind focused, which was my only power. This all meant that the fundamental interconnectedness of all things is not automatic. It is everyone's job to work at it and keep things connecting with each other, and today had been my turn.

    When I got back, I hadn't been paying atttention in class. The professor called on me and I had to say I don't know   to everything she asked. She was snide and hateful. I took good notes from then on, on fraud protection. She kept asking me what I was getting out of the class, why I even bothered taking notes. I said Can I ask you someting?   and she said No. I said Why are you like this?   and she went crazy on me. Yelled, then stomped away and I followed her to the laundry room. I said if I were in her shoes I would be frustrated too, dealing with a student with poor study habits and a worse attention span, but - and she hissed Then why shouldn't I hate you, can you give me a reason?

  • I woke up with cake in bed with me. Ate it but it had no taste.
  • Pete had a whole revolving rack of clothes to give away in his room and I had the sense he'd bought them just to give to people. There was a lovely maroon dress he wanted me to take but I knew it would be too hot. I did take the pajamas, and he wrote it down in a notebook. It was kind of a diary, but with events that didnt seem to be important. Jessie takes the tan pajamas. I asked him why and he said It's better I don't tell you everything now. That way when I'm gone you'll understand. It would only burden you if you knew now.

    He wanted to show me the meanest screecher bird so we climbed up three flights. Jamcracker's brother was there but all black and did not want to be petted. Pete skipped the door I expected him to take and went out on the roof, which turned out to lead to solid ground, which led to the pagoda. Come sit, he said The ground was damp with leaves and it was so dark I couldn't see where the roof of the pagoda was, ducked my head before I needed to. I was barefoot and in a dress. Why is it so dark if it's 9:30 am?  Pete took the hair off a barbie doll and rearranged it in various ways. He was very, very sad.

Three dreams:

Dream #1

Me: "But I wasn't speeding. My car was parked. You can't pull me over for speeding when my car was parked."

Officer: "How could I pull you over if you weren't moving? And if you were moving, you were speeding: look at the sign."

Sure enough, Speed Limit: 0 . Damn. Was taken in. Brutally shoved in the back of the patrol car. Felt something in my pocket and realized with horror that it was a dugout. I shoved it into the seat crack. I had that dream "oh my god I will now pay for all of my sins" feeling.

Was interrogated re: my knowledge of ELF activities in the Bloomington area. Was accused of the arson case. I said: "there's no way I could have set that fire: I quit smoking." the in-terror-gation lasted many hours. Was taken back out to the same patrol car, and taken back to my car. I snuck the dugout back into my pocket.

As the policeman pulled away, I sat down and cried.

woke up. 5:14 AM.

Dream #2

Making out on a recliner with someone who is obviously not my significant other. She was suddenly naked, oiled, tanned, and very muscular. Was rubbing me all over. Suddenly outside, crossing a street. She is wearing a bright orange sun dress. She puts one arm on the lamppost and raises one leg obove her head, in a perfect vertical split. She says "i just wanted to flash my panties at you to keep you hot".

Bad porn dream thankfully over.

Dream #3

A close friend of mine is getting married. Big, ridiculously big, cathedral. It is about 104 degrees. Everyone except the wedding party are wearing swinsuits to beat the heat. I am with my high school girlfriend, Em. She is wearing a bright red vest and black skirt. I am in my flourescent paisley swim trunks. We proceed, processional-style, into teh church. The interior is actually just like a stadium-seating cinema house, with the seats facing uphill. At the top is the altar. The bride comes out, and the groom is chillin. The audience stands for the (US) pledge of alegiance. I suddenly realize we are in Sweden: everyone is blonde, and speaks swedish. The audience proceeds through a series of complicated wedding-related rituals, and I am the only only one who does not know what to do. I end up next to a girl who is obviously 5 years younger than me (but still legal age, mind) who can't keep her hands off of me. Em is up front presenting the ring. The groom says, "No this is a ringless wedding" and everyone thinks that Em is screwing up and ruining the wedding, and she hurries back to her seat in shame, and I am conflicted: I should be giving emotional support to Em, but the (admittedly more attractive than Em) girl next to me is now sucking on my nipple, and humping my leg with her obviously damp crotch.

Then everyone decides to sneak out of the wedding, and go swimming in a swimming hole that looks suspiciously like one I saw in a photo two days ago from a friend's trip to northern California. There is a diving board. As we walk through the parking lot, which is filled with roadsters from the 1930's, I notice two very well built men making out in the rumple seat and then five girls in bikinis run by and one says "Funny, i never thought of myself as a lesbian before..." but they dive into the bushes (metaphor? hmmm?) before I can follow, and the girl that was touching me in the cathdral wants me to do her on the diving board. Em is nowhere in sight.

Wake up. 10:40 AM. holyshitlateforwork. What the heck is wrong with me????? Why dreams of sex and infidelity???? damn you subconscious!

My last dream-log / My next dream log

Its almost two o'clock in the afternoon. I hope I can remember this.

  • Something about the new apartment. I was there, but in the dream it had a backyard - an english garden, with white iron lawn furniture and those funny manicured hedges in the shapes of animals, shapes, etc. It also had a red path running through it. I was sitting outside.
  • A guy I used to work with at my old job was there, named Dave (I was never really friends with him but had a work-crush on him because he was sexy and quiet and mysterious - he quit months ago, before I did). However, at this point in the dream I "remembered" that Dave and I were dating and were in fact engaged (?). I think we might have even had a kid.
  • Dave was discussing this new apartment with me, and he thought the garden was good because of the path, which could be an aisle for the wedding.
  • I was thinking about how I didn't really love Dave, that we were just getting married because we had sort of drifted into the idea after dating for such a long time.
  • The scene then switched to my new job. Because I had "forgotten" for such a long time that we were a couple, and had just "remembered", I wanted to jump his bones. But then I thought that might not be such a good idea since I would have to break up with him soon.

The Carlosian Dream Project

Part 9

See: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, and Part 8.

Note: This appears to be some time after the events off Part 6 in the temporal phase of the series.
(See: The Carlosian Dream Project:Interpretation)


The sun sets, as it's firey glow succumbs to the eternal night.
As the red glow dims, the blackness covers the land.

The Point of View shifts to a grave site, the letters of the name BaronCarlos, on the Tombstone are worn away, but the stone does not apper to be old, or aged.

Dark clouds roll over head, from nowhere, as the sky becomes swollen with the moisture. A strike of dark lightning strikes in the horizon, and thunder rolls accross the land, causing a tumult in the air.

Then all is quiet.

The point of view pans to the lone grave again, the Katana Sword still struck in the ground, in pristine condition. The silver blade glistening as new as when it was cast.

Another bolt of lightning, strikes and a surge of power erupts from the ground.

The point of view pans to the ground, and it reveals a black gloved hand, extending from the soil.

Part 10

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