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(Again written down with my C64, printed and OCRed - hey, someone give me a transfer program that knows how to deal with Trans64 cable!!! Quick!)


I don't remember as much as from the previous dreams but this one was strange too...

At one point, it was spring and snow had not yet melted. Outside, near a school, some sort of elections were taking a place. The old lady who was supervising the elections asked the voters to move to four queues, based on what kind of headwear they had; the first queue was for "foxes", the second queue for "wool caps" and so on. (As an animal lover, I was annoyed because there were a specific queue for those who wear fox fur, implying stuff like that would be highly popular... No, I don't agree with fox farming. At all.) Anyway, I went to find my papers so I could vote too.

The election place was up in the hill; A friend of mine carried a small piece of rail down the hill, while I had a big skateboard of sorts I had made of boards and some wheels. When I went headlong down the hill (lying down, of course, more fun!), this friend of mine came down sliding on top of that piece of rail!

When we got to the bottom of the hill, he sled a few centimeters further than I did. He said "this must be the first piece of steel to get this far", I felt a bit annoyed of the fact he had slid further with that rail and started telling that the asphalt underneath had iron. But, he knew more of the asphalt and rock than I did, and told his rail was the furthest piece of steel there.

Well, as we walked down the hill, he kept telling me how superior this piece of rail was compared to everything. Well, I compared the rail to my board, telling it had several inconviniences (like, it weighted a bit more than my board and that steering it was a lot more complicated because it had no wheels). Well, he couldn't deny these, but told of some other cool things...

People passing us thought my friend was drunk. I tried to keep distance. =) He offered the women who passed a ride down the hill, one of the women shouted something to someone else further down the road in English.

Anyway, soon we got to our destination: The Railroad Museum. This museum was a very impressive, big place with glass walls and stuff (Well, then, you cant put several locomotives into small buildings, now can you? =); it had a vast library of railroad-related books. I walked around in the library, trying to find my friends who had got there earlier. I met the museum director too, another old lady who greeted me in a friendly way.

I saw my friends in a small room with some bookshelves. As I entered the room, I noticed that the room connected to a small auditorium in the middle of the library; a bunch of school kids sat there quietly doing whatever they did at the moment. The teacher was mostly quiet, but when he opened his mouth, he seemed kind of stressed, muttering something about how people treat him badly.