The Carlosian Dream Project

Part 3

See: Part 1 and Part 2

Editor's note: This segment follows parts one and two, though it appears to preceede both parts as to the first person perspective is alive and whole.

A foreign land.

BaronCarlos walks a series of busy streets, in the daylight of a place where he has never been.

The population crowd looks normal, and local, but have the aura of being different.

Carlos walks past shoppes, markets, and streetside stands.

Baron Carlos is dressed, in his usual garb, of Carlosian Attire. And appears different then the local surroundings.

Around Carlos is background noise, which is impossible to understand.
A plethora of voices and words.

A merchant looks to Carlos and beckons out to him, in a blather of tongues, which BaronCarlos does not understand.

More voices yell at Carlos, and they are Annoied at him.

Carlos does not understand why. The light makes him uncomfortable, and uneasy, while the reproof of the locals frustrates him, especially since he cannot understand what they are saying.

The crowd quiets as another black trench coat clad figure emerges. At his side is a red haired woman, her eyes are a cold hazel, but stare with an intense burning gaze.
She could easily be someone that Carlos could be attracted to.

The man's facial features are hidden by shadows cast from his Black Fedora Hat.

An enigma.

The man speaks, in a voice like that of the crowd, and the crowd shows understanding.

His voice is deep, bold and very bravado, yet smooth and confident.

As he speaks, the woman caresses his arm, staring at BaronCarlos with a vengeful glare.

Immediatly, the crowd stirs and attacks Carlos.

BaronCarlos fends off the attackers, and holds his own, his fighting skills are more then enough to prevent the local folk from injuring him.

BaronCarlos retreats to the shadows, and the Darkness.

The woman speaks to the man. "Now he must die."

The man, and the woman, enter the shadows, to pursue Carlos.

Part 4

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