Three dreams:

Dream #1

Me: "But I wasn't speeding. My car was parked. You can't pull me over for speeding when my car was parked."

Officer: "How could I pull you over if you weren't moving? And if you were moving, you were speeding: look at the sign."

Sure enough, Speed Limit: 0 . Damn. Was taken in. Brutally shoved in the back of the patrol car. Felt something in my pocket and realized with horror that it was a dugout. I shoved it into the seat crack. I had that dream "oh my god I will now pay for all of my sins" feeling.

Was interrogated re: my knowledge of ELF activities in the Bloomington area. Was accused of the arson case. I said: "there's no way I could have set that fire: I quit smoking." the in-terror-gation lasted many hours. Was taken back out to the same patrol car, and taken back to my car. I snuck the dugout back into my pocket.

As the policeman pulled away, I sat down and cried.

woke up. 5:14 AM.

Dream #2

Making out on a recliner with someone who is obviously not my significant other. She was suddenly naked, oiled, tanned, and very muscular. Was rubbing me all over. Suddenly outside, crossing a street. She is wearing a bright orange sun dress. She puts one arm on the lamppost and raises one leg obove her head, in a perfect vertical split. She says "i just wanted to flash my panties at you to keep you hot".

Bad porn dream thankfully over.

Dream #3

A close friend of mine is getting married. Big, ridiculously big, cathedral. It is about 104 degrees. Everyone except the wedding party are wearing swinsuits to beat the heat. I am with my high school girlfriend, Em. She is wearing a bright red vest and black skirt. I am in my flourescent paisley swim trunks. We proceed, processional-style, into teh church. The interior is actually just like a stadium-seating cinema house, with the seats facing uphill. At the top is the altar. The bride comes out, and the groom is chillin. The audience stands for the (US) pledge of alegiance. I suddenly realize we are in Sweden: everyone is blonde, and speaks swedish. The audience proceeds through a series of complicated wedding-related rituals, and I am the only only one who does not know what to do. I end up next to a girl who is obviously 5 years younger than me (but still legal age, mind) who can't keep her hands off of me. Em is up front presenting the ring. The groom says, "No this is a ringless wedding" and everyone thinks that Em is screwing up and ruining the wedding, and she hurries back to her seat in shame, and I am conflicted: I should be giving emotional support to Em, but the (admittedly more attractive than Em) girl next to me is now sucking on my nipple, and humping my leg with her obviously damp crotch.

Then everyone decides to sneak out of the wedding, and go swimming in a swimming hole that looks suspiciously like one I saw in a photo two days ago from a friend's trip to northern California. There is a diving board. As we walk through the parking lot, which is filled with roadsters from the 1930's, I notice two very well built men making out in the rumple seat and then five girls in bikinis run by and one says "Funny, i never thought of myself as a lesbian before..." but they dive into the bushes (metaphor? hmmm?) before I can follow, and the girl that was touching me in the cathdral wants me to do her on the diving board. Em is nowhere in sight.

Wake up. 10:40 AM. holyshitlateforwork. What the heck is wrong with me????? Why dreams of sex and infidelity???? damn you subconscious!