My next dream log

This dream is more of a story than simply a dream. But I decided this would be the most entertaining place to post it.

I sleep in the basement. I also live just outside of Toronto. Anyway, for the last few weeks or so it has been raining non-stop. Last night was no exception. The rain started around nine o'clock p.m., and it was still raining when I fell asleep around 2:00am, slightly drunk after having friends over. I wake up again around three o'clock. Water is pouring through the edges of my window-well, onto my peacefully sleeping head below.

I curse loudly and leap out of bed, and pull my bed out of the way of the gushing water. After frantically attempting to catch the water in a cup (and failing), I throw on my robe and my brothers shoes and run out in the pouring rain with a broken umbrella. The only thing I could find to cover my window-well with was a bunch of unused tiles left over from a bathroom renovation. My carpets were wet, but I went back to sleep anyway, stupidly assuming that I had fixed the problem.

Three hours later, at six a.m., water is pouring in again. My window well is filled with water to the brim... but I only discover this after I open the window. Frusterated, wet, and still sort of drunk, I give up and wake up my entire family, begging them for help. Soon we are all out in the pouring rain in our robes with bright colourfull umbrellas, shop-vacing the well and digging trenches to lead the water away from my window. I went to bed at nine o'clock a.m., and because I had put tiles on my window, slept in the complete darkness until one o'clock p.m.

My dreams last night were all nightmares about floods, pouring in the ceiling and up through the floors. I wonder what could have inspired that?

When the dream starts I am not myslef, instead I am a detective, and not a normal one. I am more like a Fox Mulder x-files type detective. I am in a local apartment
reinvestigating the death of a little girl. Since the death of the girl the apartment has been taken over by new tenants who have did quite a bit of remodling. As I look around I begin to hear a voice all around me, I turn around to see what is there and as I do I watch the room that was just behind me manifest into the room where the little girl had died in. All other rooms remain the same except for this on. I turn once more and I am faced with the what appears to be the ghost of the girls mother. The mother had been suspected of the death of the girl but she had committed suicide one week after her daughters death so there had been no further investigation. The ghost begins to tell me that she was a sickly lady and was very immobile. The simple act of walking from one room to the next was enough to make her loose her breath and become to weak to walk. The exact nature of her ailment was kept secret from me though. She tells me that her daughter had been choking when she heard her cries but she was to week to make it to her in time and she had to watch her die no more then 10 feet away from her. The ghost then tells me that she wants me to experiece the pain she had to live with her whole life. Before I have a chance to reply I am lifited off of the ground and beging to be spun madly in every direction, my heart starts racing and all my limbs go numb and become usuless, I am dropped to the ground where I am motionless and barely alive and able to breath. She then points to the room across from me where her daughter died, but now her daughter is there, choking. I begin to force myself to move, trying my hardest to make to the dying girl. With ever movement my heart beats even harder and my breath is shortened more and more untill I am not able to move. I sit there and watch the girl die, not able to do anything. ¤Then I wake up¤

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