Weee, trippy dream.

Think Half-life outdoors, maybe on the level with all the cliffs, sorta. There was a beach, but the body of water was a lake. I remember pulling up the map and it was an oval, like a track, where the field was water, and the outside bleachers were cliffs and mountains and such.

I was running from a grouping of someone. (As opposed to something, not the monsters from HL, or the soldiers, but not deranged scientists either.) I had objectives to complete, god knows what they were, but i had ten "minutes", gaming minutes, to complete them, which was plenty of time for running long distances w/o stopping. Motion was controlled like in HL, no visible steps, but i could here them, it was like i was hovering. The only gun i had was an old, like civil war era, flint lock gun. I can't remember the name for the life of me. It was long, it was bulky, it would give away my position, i dropped it off a cliff while crawling across a bridge "crouched" so they couldn't hear me.

I love how crouching removes any sound from my footsteps, walking removes some, and running is loud. They couldn't see or hear me because i was crouching, i love computer metrics.

Either way, i was running into the hills to start some form of detonation sequence, there were 4-5 relays i had to trip, then run back to the begining of the level, do something, and get to an exit point. Either way, by the time i reached the begning and did whatever it was i needed to do, it became a waking dream. I dropped down the console-map, saw where the exits were, and the timer. Uh oh. i had ~00:00:45 left to get across the level, and make my way into an exit. This wouldn't have been so hard on auto pilot, but suddenly i was in complete control. I still had hover motion, so that was good.

I found an exit, and guess what it was? Remember Duke Nukem 3D? My fist even did the cool motion into the radiation sign that his did.

Ah yes, the bridges and ravenes were made hard, i was at one point able to pick off one party via sniping, i don't know how with that big clunky, non-aiming gun. But then once i threw it away (i missed a shot) it became hard. Couldn't be seen, would mean certain death. I didn't have a weapon, not even the standard crowbar. How sad. Oh well, that sapped 5 minutes of my time now that i think about it.

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