dreamed during a nap this afternoon after much sleep deprivation (up till 6 am finishing a paper)
mcc and i were in a building that was halfway between a ski resort and one of the dorms here at purdue. We were with a group of people rougly our age, that we knew, and had come with. (although i did not recognise a single one of them as people we know IRL). We were roaming the place because we were snowed in (although we had said we were going to meredith, a dorm acutally on campus that i often eat in. don't ask how we'd get there snowed in i don't know.)
The entire group was massively bored so we wandered around. i had a crystal ball (similar to one i own, save larger), and was tossing it around up and down like a tennis ball. (it in the dream weighed much less than it would properly). i dropped it, once, again, and the third time. The first time, and the second, it bounced, rolled, and was unharmed. the third time, it broke, into three perfect pieces; in half exactly, then the small round part of the end, and the third just a disc.
i picked up the pieces--strangely no splinters ors hatters--and we wandered more until we found a tv lounge and started channelsurfing. We found one of those 'wilderness adventure' programs, and it was not great but better than anything else on. It was a white-water rafting trip We started watching closer and realized it was a special, the random group they'd selected was made up of everythingians only. mcc and i started "recognsing" people, even some we haven't seen photos of. i believe i remember seeing masukomi, kenata, and byzantine, as well as templeton and stand/alone/bitch. the rest of the group started yelling at os to come on they wanted to wander more, but we wanted to watch protesting "we know these people!" They refused to believe it.
at this point i was awakened by my roommate coming home and waking me up for dinner
I had a couple of weird ones last night.
The first involved my girlfriend giving birth to a huge baby girl when we were going to bed. (Little voice in my head shouting "surprise") I had to explain to everyone that it was a genuine accident, yes, I have been using condoms. No, I didn't know it was due! Basically me running around trying to take care of this little "bundle of joy".

My other dream, also a bit hazy even at this stage of the day. I was with my family and Commander Data from Star Trek: Next Generation came to visit. Apparently, he was trying to track down members of his family. Apparently, My father is a direct relation. He had already found another sister who wasn't my aunt and was on the look out for 1 last brother here in Manchester. So I set about looking for this other mythical brother. Somewhere along the line, I lost Data and gained some complete strangers (who weren't being at all scary). I ended up near Machester Crown Court, which looked nothing like real life, in the back streets of good ol' Manc. But I was safe since there was a huge Police Station next to the court and I could see Police going back and fourth around me. I ended up (somehow) in a bike shop that sold BMXs exclusively. I was trying to buy some wheels to get around more safely. At the last minute though, I chickened out because I prefer full Mountain Bikes because they have 21 gears and a better riding position.

And then the alarm went off and I got up for work!

I was at school until it was dark. I walked outside and decided to go back in to find my ex. I went to the cafeteria and a big rumble started, an announcement was made that they were going to do a Jedi fight. The principal rushed and stopped it. I didn't see her so I walked to my car. I circled the parking lot a couple of times looking for her but could not find her. I saw the other parking lot and circled that parking lot once real fast. I saw her and I went around again. I stopped with my headlights in front of her and we looked at each other. I reversed out really slow us looking at each other the whole time. I drove off and now I was talking to her. The conversation:

"Hello?" I answered
"Oh hi, how are you?"
"I saw you right now, that was you right?"
"Yeah, it was pretty obvious wasn't it?"
"Duh...I love you."
"I want you back."

That's all I remember because I was woken up by my cat's loud whine, "MEOW!

I guess me and redboot were driving to Dallas. I was in the back of my Isuzu while redboot was driving. I was trying to get some sleep, and was just about there. I open my eyes just in time to see an 18 wheeler about to run into my car. I close my eyes and think, "Is this really happening? Is this a dream? FUCK my legs are going to be cut off...Don't open your eyes X..Don't open them...Damn shit Red..AHH!"

My eyes remain shut. My body grew numb from the shock. I dont know whether or not my legs were damaged. I can't move. I know we hit. "Why isn't red saying anything." I hear the driver's door open. "What's going on..Should I open my eyes?"

I open my eyes and I'm in my room.

Unwrapping xmas presents - a pile twenty feet high - in the Millennium Dome, with a large crowd of people standing by expectantly. As I read out the label on each on a cheer goes up and a round of applause, and I know I'm supposed to read them all out but after four copies of the same book I have nothing to say and I wonder if it's all some kind of bizarre publicity event when I find a big squashy parcel in Santa paper from my father. Yay!! go up the cheers, and there are my family, crowding around me, open it open it. Inside, clear pink plastic, folded neatly. I shake it out - they're all beaming with excitement - and it's something like a cross between those seventies vinyl raincoats and a spacesuit, with a zip up the front and a bubble hood. See? says Dad proudly. I did it! and I realise that he's finally cracked his invention of the personal air transportation device. Everyone is watching as I zip myself in: cameras and monitors throw ripples of light on the suit, they're filming this, someone is interviewing my sister, who is preening in a Gucci shirt, my mother is looking embarrassed. As the zip closes, the suit inflates. Reflected in the monitors I look like a pink shiny balloon animal, stumpy semi-transparent legs, truncated stiff arms, bubblehead lolling at a strange angle, not quite inflated. Dad is shouting instructions, but the hood closes off sound and before I can interpret what he's saying I begin to float, slowly then more swiftly, upwards.

I am afraid of the beams in the roof, sharp metal edges coming into focus all too fast. I fly, speed still increasing, through an air vent at the top of the dome. The air whips at me, sending me spinning high across the glimmering black-and-orange riversnake beneath. Where the hell am I going? How do I work this? I lift my right hand, and embedded in a clear pocket on the end of it is one of those domed glass, snow-scene paperweights. I shake it. The snow builds, glitter specks falling and separating out, and I see inside a tiny London, foil river, weeny plastic Dome, glowing steadily: and as I look back at the real thing I see hundreds of other suited transparent figures, floating towards me, waving.

They want to cover my entire body in antiperspirant. No, I protest, I'll drown in my own sweat from the inside out!

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

I was leaving from my friends with a sit-in toycar.. I just managed to fit inside the dumpster though the speed was only slightly over walking speed, weather was cold so I rather travelled under a blanket at the toycar. At one point the blanket fell of when the wind blew, and I didnt want to be seen in such childish vechile so I went to pick it back. On the way a man asked if I had seen his black cat, and I remembered having seen it by the Suntti river. He asked if I could show where, and I accepted to help him. In the next morning, weather was warmer, and I went to his boat waiting in the river. I carefully stepped into tray-like boat that floated exactly high enough to keep the water from coming in, but when he got the motor running, the speed kept the boat higher. I was worried about the speed because there were lots of ice pieces floating around, but we got to the spot where I had seen the cat and we got off the boat. Then, I dont remember what happened..

We had already found the cat, but we had found bigger goal as I had turned into a werewolf, and we met a werecoyote that joined us. I was tall and extremely muscular, but though the coyote was shorter than I, he was muscular as well. The man whose cat was lost climbed over a chain link fence, and we followed quickly after him. Climbing was easy with our claws, and we jumped down from the high fence with loud thumps, before the man had reached the ground by climbing down. We were going to head past an airfield next to a mountain, when I suddenly sensed something that made me stop. Others stopped too, and we watched at the crowd of scientist in the airfield. I said in death-serious voice that we must defeat them, and though the coyote said that we could run to the forest, I said that this is the only way, and prepared my magnum. The coyote sighed as he seemed to sense something as well, and said "There's no escape then." as he prepared his pistol as well. The man whose cat had been missing didnt understand what was going on, so he just wished us good luck and stayed away from the field, watching as we headed in..

As we reached the perimeter of the airfield, the guard at the gate noticed us, but I shot him, causing panic among the scientists, but the coyote kept shooting at them untill we were close enough to start beating them with our fists. There were no other guards, so we changed into human forms and dressed up in scientists clothes before entering an elevator at the corner of the airport.

The elevator took us deep into underground complex, where scientists were attempting to create some kind of portal. All scientists had laserpointer-like artifacts, and the leading scientist had a slightly larger one that created two red points. As we came out from the lift, he said "Ah, you must be the new xenoarcheologists! This device is considered as the key element for opening the portal, but it does nothing more than the others. Any ideas?". I took the artifact, and asked one of the lower-ranking scientists to give his too, explaining that they just didnt give enough power for the reaction. I pointed all lasers into a triangle, and a blue glowing wormhole-like thing opened between them, glowing for short time before vanishing. Everyone was just amazed, and the leader thanked me before grabbing the device from my hands and telling that the wormhole could now be directed to a metal circle that supports it for longer period of time. Everyone went to the ramp at the other side of the room and started preparing a large ring-shaped portal they hadnt used before. The coyote asked how I did that, and I answered with a grin "There's a switch in the main artifact, it doesnt really need any extra energy. But we dont want HIM to engage it before us, do we?". He undesrtood my point, and soon the energy preserving ring was ready for action. The leading scientist tried to open it, but because he failed, he had to ask us to help him. I took the two artifacts, and pretending to aim them all carefully, activated the portal. Scientists looked in amazement as the center of the ring was filled with the blue glow, and started studying its energy levels. I'd have liked to enter it immediately, but one of the scientists noticed that the center of the blue glow was clear enough to be watched through, so we gulped and stepped back because the portal was going to stay open for too long time now.. The scientist told that he saw lights in a pipe-like passageway, and soon that the pipe had ended in a facility room. I watched into the portal from way behind his back, and understood his amazement as he realized that the portal was showing exactly this room, from down below us. Suddenly he jumped back, yelling "What's that thing at the console!", and I noticed that my large werewolf figure showed in the portal as a black shadow. I stepped away from the view at the portal and pointed everyone that it was just one of the machines in the background. They calmed down, but suddenly the generator next to the portal exploded from the static field that had grown all the time the circle was active. Soon a console nearby exploded as well, light from the roof breaked and shattered shards all around, and the fire alarm got off. Everyone panicked, but I managed to get some of them to listen to me and turn off the portal. The ring was deactivated and the wormhole faded away, but the lab had gotten serious damage from it. Some of the scientists were injured, but their leader said that repairs would be started after the lunch, so we proceeded to dining hall with rest of the scientists. Everyone wondered why we two ate only boiled carrots, but we just grinned silently, knowing that they would be good to eat for the travel we were going to. After finishing my meal I went to tell the team leader that we'd like to see the ring before the repairs start, and after getting the permission to do so, I left happily with the device I had just stolen from him. We headed for the portal, and activated the wormhole away from the burned ring the scientists had used. The coyote had gotten a smaller device, and used it to grow the portal slightly for more convinient travel through it. One of the scientists noticed us, but couldnt stop us as we burst out of our labcoats as we turned into were's before stepping away through the portal..

I was a character in Star Trek TNG. As I walked through the door to my own quarters, I was informed that I was urgently needed to beam aboard a nearby alien ship to act as a diplomat. "Very well", I thought, as I sat down in a chair that was hooked up to a transporter.

When I arrived in the other ship, a creature that looked like a dog appeared before me. I knew, however, that it was a sentient alien, and that it was hostile. The alien immediately leapt at me, and I tried to fight back. During the battle, I suddenly recalled that that particular species had a weak spot on their forehead. I started to rub the alien on its weak spot, quickly making it unconscious. I ran out of the room, where I encountered more of the same creatures, which I rendered harmless the same way as with the first one.

I went further downstairs to the decks below, and noticed that the ship didn't look like a spaceship at all -- rather, it looked like an ordinary house, with wooden stairs, wallpaper on the walls, and doors with handles. As I reached the ground floor, I was startled to see a door that seemingly led out into a garden, with green grass and blue skies. I went out on the terrace, and realized that it had to be a simulation. I was dead certain that I was in a space ship, but the garden had to be the dog-aliens' version of the holodeck. I said "Let it rain!" to the computer, and soon, the blue skies turned grey, and the rain started pouring. I said "Stop the rain!", and the garden quickly returned to its previous state.

I knew somehow that the computer was programmed to not answer any questions from me directly, but I was determined to exploit it so that I could find out whatever I wanted about the aliens and the ship. I tried with a test question: "If I am human, let a little yellow bird fly over my head.". And true enough, a small bird the size and colour of a canary appeared out of nothing. I tried with a second question: " If I am not human, let a little blue bird fly over my head." Which, according to my expectations, doesn't happen.

I order the computer to let the yellow bird fly away. I start thinking that I may be able to make the computer reveal the information that I need, for instance by ordering it to create a bird with a piece of paper in its beak, on which is written the information that I need. But before I can open my mouth, a little sky-blue bird flies in from nowhere, and starts pecking my face frantically. As the dream begins to fade, I ponder the significance of what has just happened. The blue bird was what was going to appear if I were not human. Did making the yellow bird disappear somehow make me inhuman?

Okay, I had a dream where I had clean underwear. Now, don't ask me why, because I already have a real life where my underwear is quite clean.

Oh, and strangely enough, considering P_I's writeup, I drempt that I was out of anti-perspirant. WTF?

We were at war with the Spanish. The Han vs. the Spanish. It was a war held on a big long highway during a quasi apocalyptic time. For some reason, we were all farmers. Our weapons were forks and tractors. My mission was to get to the other side of the highway. I was a Spanish sympathizer and I knew somebody on the other side who would let me through despite my race: Pietato (who was actually Nelson, one of my friends in Elementary school who taught me Spanish).

The Plan was to get the Han distracted on the highway while I run to safety. Midway through the highway, I was halted by the police. The police were on the Han side and were firing at the Spanish at the same time. I was really scared, because I didn't know whether these guys were going to shoot me or not. One of the cops held a gun at me. I froze in fear.

Somehow the Spanish were able to drive the Han away from the highway (and with the cops), so seeing the opportunity, I quickly ran up the highway to the Spanish side. I was nervous and walked slowly towards them. I wasn't sure whether they knew I was a spy. Suddenly, Pietato came rushing out of the crowd and guided me to the end of the highway which was guarded by tractors. I was still nervous. Nevrvous of whether those tractors were going to run me over or not. I walked slowly with caution towards the end and Pietato told me not to worry, so I ran to the end which splitted into two roads.

I took the left path and saw that I was already near my destination (a compound). Suddenly I heard cars and people approaching my way. I quickly hid behind a tree surrounded by shrubs. It was very uncomfortable, but it was a good hiding place. At least 10 people passed by me without noticing me. I was nervous. If they discovered me, I'd be cornered. Finally a girl and her brother discovered me. The little girl saying: "HEY! THERE'S SOMEBODY IN THERE!!" They were going to school and their mother was just about to get in the car to drive them to school. I got out of my hiding place and decided to run.

Halfway through my running, they caught me and said: "When are you going to get us that present?"

I responded: "To be honest, it costs a lot more than you think. It's also very hard to find."

She retorted: "You lied to us! Mommy he lied to us."

The End

     I am driving down a narrow street remniscent of the New England back-roads. While I know I'm no longer 'home', I am sure that I'm still in Mobile. The feeling of hurry is imminent, I am supposed to meet up with Carrie to hang out and talk. Then it starts snowing, single snowflakes at first, turning into a blizzard, a white inferno which I race through. It is all white, the houses beside me, the air before, the land behind. Slowing down, parking, I get out of the car and play with the snow. It feels warm. (?)
I drive further ahead, where there is no snow, walk by the cliff and overhand and look out onto the mountains. I feel like I'm in Bosnia.

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