Bomber aircraft were flying high in an early evening sky over Brisbane, dropping micro filaments on an army base with great precision. It was sinister of course, but I was very confused as to why the military would be poisoning their own.

Cut to home, Canberra. Aircraft were dropping the micro filaments here also. I could see them from my garden. I held my hand to my nose and mouth and ran inside, although I suspected some of the stealth poisons had already got to me.

Weird. Only ten minutes have passed since I woke up, and I've nearly forgot about everything.

Anyway, I remember walking up a big avenue, with water at ankle level. Then a cat scraped me. I don't know why, but this was bad.

Then, some people, my brother and me crammed into an average-sized car, and two cats were trying to get in. Of course I thought they didn't get in, but I felt scratches while someone drove the car.

Swinging from tall trees in my grandparents' backyard.
I'm gripping a thick but supple vine in one fist, marvelling at the bounciness of the thing as I careen and spin through the air above the glider chair and barbecue grill. I love my job. As I do my aerobatic tricks, my first patient swings up and entwines his legs around mine to keep us linked as he discuss his problems. I'm a backyard vine-swinging therapist.

The dream shifts as ninjas leap down from the treetops. I somersault to the grass below and call up to my patient to let go. Apparently, his fears of being pursued by the Yakuza were not symptomatic of paranoid delusions! His vine is cut, and he proceeds in rude fashion to fall on me. I leave him to face his demons and run into the house.

The stairwell is circular and strangely-proportioned, like something out of H. P. Lovecraft's writings. I climb to the top, fearful, and enter the only room apparent. I want to call it the tower room, though my grandparents' house didn't have towers the last time I checked. An old man lies on the bed, staring wide-eyed at the opposite wall. A bowl of frosted flakes sits on the food tray beside him. I ask if that was his breakfast, and he asks me if I remember what I had for breakfast. I don't, and he smiles. Then imagine what it's like to be me. Imagine how it would feel if you couldn't remember what you did four minutes ago."

That woke me up, shivering.

In the midst of a very pretty, very long plotted-out dream about me, a little girl, and a dragon in a shopping mall, which has for the most part escaped me, came this advertisement:


Made entirely from stuff that normally condensates on machine tools! Expose it to heat and watch it change! Fun for everyone!

This cereal, whose brand name I forget, was made entirely out of small ice cubes. I don't know which is more worrying, a cereal made of ice, or that SOMEBODY IS SPAMMING MY DREAMS!

Long live the children's cheese.I heard.
Was at school in an auditorum style class. I see a friend of mine Rosalie sit down about two seats away from me. I yelled really loud, "Rosalie!!" She turned and sat right next to me, she leaned in real close, her face only 3 inches away, "Hey," in a sexy whisper. We went through class pretty much flirting throughout it and we walked out together. We talked for a while. All of a sudden we are in a room sitting on the floor. She looked at me and leaned towards me as if wanting to kiss me. I leaned to her and we kissed. note: when I kiss a girl I always keep one eye open, don't ask why, I just do. I was looking at her as we kissed, I don't know what to say, I mean she is pretty, she was looking at me too. Afterwards she said, "That took too long for us to do." I said, "Ya."

Now I'm with some friends and we are outside talking. We went up to a guy who was a singer and was about to perform. My friends that I am with are real "church" people. The guy is talking to us about something I can't remember. All of a sudden now they decided to pray over me. I feel their hands on my head and back and the sounds of their foreign tongues filled the air. Afterwards I wanted to play football with some people, I counted how many were playing, too many. I walked inside an auditorium, they were about to put on a movie. I walked around almost hitting this guy. He cursed at me in spanish, I yelled something back and walked on to my seat in the front.

I was driving a different route to my school and I was getting lost with the dimensions and signs. I was talking to somebody on the phone screaming at the top of my lungs, "I'M LOST!!" It turned night before I finally realized that I was at my school looking at it from an opposite direction. I decided to go somewhere and I was in a hurry so I drove fast. On the way there were 2 other cars in a hurry as well. A car in front of me had a small siren that was loud but people were not getting out of his way because he was in an old brown camino, which is not government used. We all hit a red light and the three of us in a hurry ran it turning left. We almost got hit by oncoming cars, a cop saw us but did nothing. We all stopped at a store and got down talking to each other. I was craving something sweet that had a name in the dream, only is non-existant in real life. We talked for a while about where we're from and alarm woke me up.

I had to debug some web pages for a site. When I got to one particular page, a saffron mushroom cloud began to rise from the computer. I stopped loading the page, and the cloud dissipated.

I looked at the source of the JSP, and saw that someone had changed the XSL stylesheet for the page -- that must have been the problem. Too many cooks spoil the broth, and could get us all blowed up! I silently grumbled at whomever it was who altered my JSP page. I decided to restore the page to its previous condition; I would type in the name of my original stylesheet.

I couldn't remember its file name, or how I could find it. I panicked. I thought about putting up a sign: DON'T LOAD THIS PAGE, until I could figure out what to do next.

I had a house in Wisconsin, it was built in a clearing after a dirt road through a tunnel of trees. I had invited all of my friends over to cavort in the woods, but when they arrived, my ex boyfriend came as well. He said he wanted to talk, and we sat down in my bedroom. He started putting blankets over my head, and trying to take off my clothes. I started yelling at him, and tried (unsuccessfully) to defenestrate him. He left, taking a lot of my clothes with him.

I am still in this bedroom and my sister Michelle comes over. She is looking through my clothes deciding what to wear and I go to the bathroom. When I come out of the bathroom, my father's family is with her. I start yelling at them and pushing them all out of my bedroom.

There is something strange about the phone, it has to be used with several small keys.
Quite banal dream; only interesting insofar as it confused me by seeming real:

I changed the battery in my cell phone. A young guy watched me do it, as if he'd never seen such an operation before. The dream was so real that when I woke I thought that the battery had been changed.

Never done this.........

Strange. I haven't thought of you in a while. Well not when there was any meaning behind it. I knocked on your door in the house that we shared and it was so muffled. I banged harder but you still didn't seem to hear. I opened it a crack, you were getting dressed, pulling on pants, but you didnt look suprised to see me. the door was padded with green mats. you were sitting in the chair that I had fixed for you. I only wanted to know if the coffee in the pot was extra and if I could have some. You made good coffee. Strong.

scene II

Lounging on the couch watching some dream version of Frida. Side by side but not too close until inch by inch you were slumped near me. Arm over my arm, legs touching, head on my shoulder. I was afraid to move lest you become aware and snap away in realization. Matt came in, all dressed up. with a hairstyle he never would have. Preppy. hehe. Never. Only in dreams. He started rattling on about what I can't recall.

Then I woke up.

Most of the time
My head is on straight
Most of the time
I'm strong enough not to hate
I don't build up illusion 'till it makes me sick
I ain't afraid of confusion no matter how thick
I can smile in the face of mankind.
Don't even remember what her lips felt like on mine
Most of the time
-Bob Dylan

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