Never done this.........

Strange. I haven't thought of you in a while. Well not when there was any meaning behind it. I knocked on your door in the house that we shared and it was so muffled. I banged harder but you still didn't seem to hear. I opened it a crack, you were getting dressed, pulling on pants, but you didnt look suprised to see me. the door was padded with green mats. you were sitting in the chair that I had fixed for you. I only wanted to know if the coffee in the pot was extra and if I could have some. You made good coffee. Strong.

scene II

Lounging on the couch watching some dream version of Frida. Side by side but not too close until inch by inch you were slumped near me. Arm over my arm, legs touching, head on my shoulder. I was afraid to move lest you become aware and snap away in realization. Matt came in, all dressed up. with a hairstyle he never would have. Preppy. hehe. Never. Only in dreams. He started rattling on about what I can't recall.

Then I woke up.

Most of the time
My head is on straight
Most of the time
I'm strong enough not to hate
I don't build up illusion 'till it makes me sick
I ain't afraid of confusion no matter how thick
I can smile in the face of mankind.
Don't even remember what her lips felt like on mine
Most of the time
-Bob Dylan